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I channeled this message after a drumming session. I felt my body, no not my body, my soul vibrating. And I wondered what this new feeling was.

And the Great Masters spoke:

Making the Connection


We are speaking to you.

We are not speaking to your ears. You will not hear us through your ears

We speak to your soul.

We speak to the vibration of your soul.

This soul who you truly are.

When we ask you to listen, we do not ask you to use your ears.

We ask you to use the vibration of your soul.

To feel the vibration of your soul you must be still. There must be silence.

It does not have to be in the outer world, this silence, but it is inside the silence and the stillness of your soul.

And when you go into that silence–into that stillness of your soul, the vibration of your soul–you will feel it.

You will feel your physical body in a sense of vibration.

And as the soul vibrates, the physical body no longer exists.

And you are only a soul and energy.

You are this energy–that is when you combine, seek out, and connect with other souls, other beings of energy, either around you or around a galaxy, or out into the Universe.

We see you and we speak through the vibration.

Throw away this physical body, the form that you are in, and experience your soul.

And as you walk through the day in your perceived physical body, you walk through the day in your soul as your soul.

We will speak to the vibration of your soul.

Raise your vibration. Raise your soul, just as you would raise your hand.

And we will speak.

You will hear. Not just us, but many of us here.

We look forward to seeing you and speaking to you.

From my soul, from the vibration of my soul to your soul, that is when we become OUR soul.

We are One.

We are the Universe.