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The following is an excerpt from a conversation with Abraham Lincoln and Jerry Hicks in non-physical. This is Jerry’s response to Mr. Lincoln’s comments:

Jerry Hicks

Jerry Hicks

Jerry Hicks (channeled through Donna):  “I agree with Mr. Lincoln. When you guys listen to a guru of any sort, being in the room or listening online, it is not fulfilling you like you think. It’s fulfilling you in that moment but you are not taking it with you, hence why you have to keep going back to that guru–back to that person over and over again. These are things that you already know. Everything you hear you already know. How about moving into something like that, a talk or an online talk, moving into it, beginning it like you already know it, you’re just getting a refresher course? These aren’t new topics. This is the time. This is the year for rapid shifts. So go into it as just a refresher, not brand new information, a refresher course.

All of us are saying the same things, different ways, over and over again. Find the one that lights you up and move from there. Find the one that lights you up and continue with your life. Don’t feel you have to explain it to a million people. You do not have to explain it anymore. You do not have to teach it anymore. It is for you to walk through in order to find your true purpose here. How about instead of staying, ‘I am seeking my soul purpose,’ saying, ‘I am living my soul purpose,’ and allow the rapid shifts of your consciousness to evolve. You know how it happens. You already know how it works. You don’t have to be told. It’s happening inside you. It’s happening as we speak.”

I am in the process of writing a book with all my channeled conversations with Mr. Lincoln and Jerry Hicks. They are co-creators in non-physical and share with me their stories, meditations, visualizations and many new ideas and ways of viewing our ‘work’ here in physical. If you are interested in staying informed as to when the book is coming out, please comment here or send me an email, dboyle.medium@yahoo.com, or follow me on Twitter and Facebook.

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