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This morning’s channeled message came from The Great Masters. As I was meditating with my guides, their presence in the room made everyone turn around and pay attention. It was a wonderful moment as they came through and spoke about our Spirit Light.
Finding Your Light“Your spirit–your spirit that sparks who you are–this spark of your spirit is what is guiding you to your true self.

Donna just spoke of the ‘love we have’ and her wishes for everyone to find their true purpose here and that begins with love. Love sparks your spirit and when your spirit becomes alive it lightens you–not just body, mind, and spirit, but your soul lightens to feel, to hear, and to sense the other souls around you–souls that are not just in this physical world, but in non-physical also. Spark the light of who you truly are. Spark the light of your spirit. It is within you wanting to grow, wanting to be nurtured, wanting to be recognized.

See the spirit as a pinpoint of light in your deep belly—the deep center of your core. And as you love yourself, as you love all that comes to you, however you define it. And we ask you not to define it. As you love every piece, every person that comes to you, that spark of your spirit grows. Watch it now. See it now. Watch it grow. As you smile it grows. A simple smile allows your spirit to grow. A nod of the head, an acknowledgement with your eyes, allows your spirit to grow. The breath, yes the breath Donna, allows the spirit to grow. Allows you to acknowledge who you truly are. Brings you closer and closer to who you truly are. Until you allow that bright light of spirit to shine, those around you cannot see. We here in spirit cannot help until you allow us to. And when we see your spirit light shining brighter, we see who you truly are because YOU have seen who you truly are.

So come out. Crack the shell of the outer being. Crack the shell of who you think you are and become who you know you truly are. Open up to your spirit light.”

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