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Cheers to all. Cheers to 2015! May your moments be filled with peace, joy and love. May you all realize the light of who you truly are. May you understand, once again, that you are more than your physical body…You are light.

December was a crazy month. It ended with a very good friend passing into non-physical very unexpectedly. I will be writing more about this soon.

Here is something that came through the other day from The Great Masters. Their wisdom and their knowledge come from a very deep place. I feel it when I channel them. I feel their love and the love they have for ALL of us. It will always be an unconditional love.

Kitten Finding Light

The Light You See

The Great Masters

 The light you see when your eyes are open or your eyes are closed is a reflection. It is a reflection of the brightness in you. It is a reflection of the light in you. Do not be surprised anymore for what you see is actually who you are. Believe, know, and understand–what you see is what you are. It is no longer outside of you, it is no longer beyond your reach, it is within you. Look for the light in you. Look for the light as a reflection of you.