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My horoscope for December 2014 has said the following, “Indeed, it would be fair, despite all the challenges, to consider whether this is one of the best moments of your life.” And, “If this isn’t the most interesting month of your life, it will likely come up on the top 10 list.” I’ve been following this horoscope site for over 4 years and honestly, he’s been right on for all this time, so who am I to argue now?

Here’s what December really looks like as of today…I’ve been sick since before Thanksgiving. As soon as I started to feel better, my cat of over 12 years, passes away. The day after that, I got the flu and it’s still lingering. December has 5 more days. C’mon Universe!

But wait, what if there is no good, bad, right, or wrong? What if everything we are going through is an experience to take us to the next level? Why do we have to continually view things as ‘bad’ if they aren’t ‘good’ and ‘wrong’ if they don’t feel ‘right’? What do we know?

I’ll tell you what we know. We know what we’ve been told and what we’ve read our whole lives. I’m here to tell you something different. While you are experiencing challenges that come at you from the right and the left, it’s not easy to keep looking at these challenges as just an experience. My mind kept going to “this is bad.” Why am I not better yet? Why did Angel die now? I kept arguing with my horoscope–What do you mean the ‘best moments of my life?”

I only know what I know right now, and I can only experience what is actually happening–accept what is actually happening. So here I go, off into the rest of December and spring forward into the new of 2015.

Yea, December has sucked, but what if…what if sucking was actually a good thing and we’ve been getting it all wrong? How come it’s so difficult to NOT use the words good, bad, right and wrong when describing situations?

Angel in rare form on red blankie


Stay tuned, I’ll let you know what happens. For now I am grateful, even though it hurts.