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I woke up one morning, after three very similar dreams, with thoughts of letting go of worrying about me having to inform people and that maybe people were getting all of this. They were finding their way.

On my yoga mat as soon as I awoke, I asked who wanted to speak on this dream. Was it me letting go or am I still struggling with these feelings of “people not needing me?” I went through a list in my head of my guides, and The Great Masters stepped into me and started speaking. I had forgotten that they were with me and was very happy they were here so early in the morning.

The following is an excerpt from the channeled conversation with The Great Masters:

The Great Masters On Dreams And What They Symbolize:

TGM: You have many interpretations of your dreams. There are many interpretations of your dreams. Sometimes a dream is first a dream. Something that you want to do, something that you have been longing for–for a very long time. Get it? Joke. The pieces that resonate with you, you should throw out. It’s the pieces that make you sad or frustrated or tearful or leave you questioning that you should be thinking about. Analyzing. So in reference to your dreams this morning Donna, we had a lot of that feeling of yours to release. We were releasing it for you. Each dream you walked through it differently but the same tone was present. Correct?

Donna: Yes, I felt that. I felt more present by the last dream also. I felt I was walking though the dream looking for the message.

TGM: That’s it! Dreams have messages, but we get caught up in their tone, when the tone isn’t the message, it’s the pathway to the message.

Donna: Love that one!

TGM: So now, here you are sitting and thinking about the dreams. What comes up most for you?

Donna: I don’t want to feel separate from these people. Even though they are getting it for themselves now and sharing all the knowledge that I know, I don’t want to think that they don’t need me or that I don’t need them anymore. I don’t want to feel separate from them. Just walk away, ya know?

TGM: I do understand that. And we don’t want you to either. There’s the message. You assume–and that is what makes you sad–that if they “get it”, that they don’t need you or that you are “done” with your work. You are not. Because they now get it, they are now a part of you. They have agreed to the “I am that We Are” theory you read about the other day. The separateness is gone. Even the small child in the dream didn’t need you anymore, he understood you turned on for him where he needed to go and he is grateful. But you don’t see that part.

Donna: I do now. As you were speaking, I was remembering his smile when he said, “No, I don’t want to go with you.”

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It is my pleasure to be of service.