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Back St CatherineMany of you have been wondering how this channeling thing works.  I’ve learned a lot about it from my own experiences and then I read books and watched others who also channel.  That being said, I can only speak from my experience and how it works for me.  It’s a “practice in process” and I’m continually learning some very interesting ways my guides want to communicate with me and how inventive they are.

When I first started “seeing” spirit, we spent a lot of time figuring out how things would go.  I had to learn to keep my mind out of it and that was challenging to say the least.  I wanted to go out in a deep trance so people would believe I was really doing this.  Spirit clearly had a different plan for me. I went through many days of re-learning the message, “I am worthy.”  I’m sure that one will come up a few more times. 🙂

Back to my dream. The other morning I was having one of those early morning dreams.  If you’ve had one of those, they are pretty powerful and they are the easiest ones to remember.  In this dream I was walking through a…what seemed like a quarry of some sort…and as I did that there were faces in the stones on the ground. Of course I reached down and touched these faces and as I did I wiped their smiles away.  Below the “mask” of smiles there were other faces–angry faces and sad faces. I woke up to Jerry, my guide, talking to me in my head.  He wanted to talk about the masks people wear.  He kept putting phrases into my head.  I wasn’t thinking anything, and the words just kept appearing.  Kind of like what happens when I write and I’m being clearly guided my someone in spirit.  I never have to think, the words just appear in my head.

So, I got up and started channeling Jerry!  And he talked and talked about “masks”.  It was a great conversation and I can always ask questions or comment on things.  And that’s the way that session went.

What a great way to get me to start a conversation. I’m always wondering what they are going to talk about and my dream gave me the answer…this time.  I look forward to more interesting dreams!