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Mr. Lincoln at ChesterfieldI am currently writing a book on my channeled messages with President Lincoln. This one was on fear.  Here is an excerpt from the conversation that day.

Donna: President Lincoln, can you go deeper into the word “fear” and why and how it is manifested? How it manifests in us as these human “doings” and not human “beings.”

Pres. Lincoln:  Fear. I will gladly speak of fear though I speak of it with a heavy heart because I knew much fear and I knew those around me and I felt those around me in their fear…When I was on the earth plane I did not understand what I understand now. So we fought with fear. We felt the fear rage and then called it anger. And all we knew how to do was live in this anger and we had to stop others. We had to stop them from stopping our fear and the only way we knew how to stop them was to use anger. Today, in your day now Donna, the fear bubbles, bubbles, bubbles, bubbles, bubbles, before it has a chance to even come to the surface, it is pushed down by anger. Anger is easily controlled. Anger is a controlling emotion. Fear controls us. Fear controls those who do not see the anger. They only move through anger and do not feel the fear. They can control anger. They cannot control fear. Fear controls them. Am I not making sense now? Yes, I know you see it. That is a good statement. They can control their anger. Fear controls them and they cannot, will not, allow that.

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