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Many are searching for links to Rev. Hoyt Robinette’s spirit card manifestations. You can find a few on this blog and thought I would add one of the latest.  It is not easy to get into one of his Card Circles.  You can read more about them here.

I received this card in April of 2014.  This is the description of what happened during the circle.

St Catherine of Siena

St Catherine of Siena

St. Catherine and Jesus. This was the second night of card circles.  The first night my question wasn’t answered.  Spirit clearly has other plans for me and they want me to know what THEY want me to know. I’m good with that. 🙂  On Saturday night, I don’t even remember my question. In the previous private reading I did with Rev. Hoyt last October, he told me I would be channeling a female Ascended Master or someone like that.  He didn’t know who it would be and Spirit was not telling him that.  All I could think was, “Huh? Another spirit I am going to channel?”  Again, I’m OK with all of this.  So on this Saturday night, Rev. Hoyt, again doesn’t answer my question, but goes on to speak for St. Catherine. Unfortunately, you can no longer record what happens during these, so I have notes that were taken by people around me.  The spirits that came through by name were:  Master Abraham (of Abraham-Hicks), Moose (my Dad), Abraham Lincoln, Israel (my interpreter guide), Daisy (joy guide), Isaac Luria (The Rabbi who I channel from the 1500’s.  He actually came to another person that night also), Jerry Hicks, Archangel Metatron, Mother Mary (Rev. Hoyt, during a private reading, informed me of her presence in my life), Sai Baba and St. Catherine.  St. Catherine said, “You are surprised. I am here to help you.  I have a great deal of energy to give you for your spiritual work.  I’m going to bring my mission through you.  You will start soon. Look me up to help with your mission.”  Yea, so that happened!

The following Monday was the feast of St. Catherine.  Yes, that’s right.  Just another confirmation.  On Sunday night I got a call from my mother.  There was a special about St. Catherine on TV that she was watching.  Let me preface this by, I searched the internet for the symbol of Jesus and the lily.  They are St. Catherine’s symbols.  But no where online did I find this specific picture that was on my spirit card.  As I was watching the program on TV, at the end, they flashed this EXACT picture! Yep, that happened too.

Here is the back of this card:

Back St Catherine

Annelies Mary Frank (she stated her given name this time.  Also, it should be “Marie”. Again, it is not always them who actually write their name on the card.  Most of the time it is Rev. Hoyt’s Guides), Mother Mary (who was confirmed during my private reading with Rev. Hoyt), Dr. Vilicki (My Dr. Teacher), Jerry Hicks, Sai Baba (His name has come up in many readings. This is the first time he’s put a name on the card. I believe it was because I had been questioning whether Sri Babaji – whom I’ve had on many cards- and Sai Baba were one in the same. Clearly the answer is no), Metatron (I’ve had a few channeled messages from him), Chief Cochise (my Master Teacher), and Saint Catherine.

I am open to questions and comments.  If you’d like to see more about Spirit Cards, my website has all of them.

It is my pleasure to be of service.