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I’ve said before and I’ll say it again. Seek. Seek and you shall find.
I see so many of you not seeking. I see you waiting. I see you waiting for it to come to you. Seek it out.

It does not mean that you need to believe everything that you find in your seeking. It is the act of seeking which allows–the act of seeking. It is an intention of your seeking.

Why do you sit and wait? Fear not the open door. I’ll give you this one. The door is open. Do you see it? You no longer have to open it yourself. The door is open. Everything that you thought, everything that you now think, is available to you. Stop the waiting–start the seeking.

It will not come to you. You must begin your search. I see little footsteps. Step harder onto the earth. Walk through the door. Feel the support of all of those who have come before you. That support will now be your BEING. Accept the support. But again, first, you must do the seeking.

Begin your walk. A walk on a path that is clear now because of those that have come before you. There is much gratitude for those that have come before you. “Yes, yes, yes”, she says as she nods her head.

I see an open path. Do you not see it also? You see how it waits for you? I see you standing there, seemingly in shadow. But we see you and we call you forth. All of us here call you forth. Seek and you shall find. We are here. We are here. We are here.

This morning I drummed and sang. Then as I sat in meditation, the words, “Seek and you shall find,” came to me. I dismissed it because I had been hearing this phrase often when I sit. And wasn’t sure if it was me or “them.” So I got up and found my recorder and sat again, trusting more this time, and it was an amazing channel from The Great Masters. I wasn’t sure, at first, who was speaking and I didn’t want to take the extra moment to ask or seek it for fear I would move away from the message. Afterwards I looked at my blog online and it was confirmed they were the original ones who spoke of “Seeking.” Good one!

It is my pleasure to be of service.