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I’ve been really enjoying my co-creative sessions with other Lightworkers lately. I can’t consider them a reading because both of us are in it to receive from Spirit. We sit together for a brief guided meditation from Spirit and then the fun starts.

The other day my fellow co-creator and I were discussing if the energy of the people around us is still affecting us.  This is one of my age old questions.  If my energy changes because of those around me, am I not doing something right, OR, could their energy be affecting me in a negative way?  Is it possible to really pick up another person’s energy?

To be honest, I’ve never been convinced either way.  This particular day we talked for an hour about our situations and what our next move was. We also discussed the possibility that we could be “stopping” ourselves from the next phase of our True Purpose.

Well, enough talking, let’s get down to the co-creating (BTW, we were Skyping). As soon as we shut our eyes and began some conscious breathing, my computer started making this horrible sound.  Kind of like that annoying “dial-up” connection sound.  I began to feel agitated.  It wasn’t because of the sound, it was something else.  I was feeling nauseous and couldn’t get a clean, full breath. I was beginning to even feel uncomfortable in my seat.  I started to whine about it and asked my interpreter guide, Israel, to please stop the noise.  He immediately did.  And then I “heard” Israel ask me this question, “So, how did that feel to have so many other energies in your space?”  Wait…what?  He told me many beings were coming through the computer (this can happen, and certainly has happened, but never to this degree).   Israel clearly left the door open and they took that opening (Israel is also my gatekeeper.  No one should be working with Spirit without a guide to protect the openings).

Oh, Spirit, you are wonderful with your messages.  Very cool.  We immediately understood the power of other energy in our space.  It did not feel good and it didn’t have anything to do with me, or my lessons or the message OR my “work”. The message was to stop questioning and just move on!  Loud and clear, Israel. Literally and figuratively!

If you are interested in joining me in one of these sessions, just shoot me an email. It’s a great way to get a download/upgrade for yourself and also help other beings–in this world and out of this world! At the moment I am not charging for this service.  It is a co-creative, out of this world, experience!

It is my pleasure to be of service.  I only ask that you show up with an open heart and no expectations.  I never know the outcome of these sessions. Spirit runs the show! I do know that there will be transformation!

You can read more about my work here.