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I was in a session with a friend yesterday and they asked my guides, “When’s the eureka moment? When will I say…Yes, yes.  I completely understand now why I am here.” Here’s what they answered:

“As long as you keep waiting for that eureka moment you are missing all these smaller eureka moments. Like Donna’s saying right now to herself, ‘Holy f#@*#, this is a really good moment. (I’m totally accepting that) Every time we get together is a really good moment, building on the final moment.’  But Donna (they are saying), there is never going to be a final moment. It’s continuous. Everyone keeps waiting for a final moment. And they think it’s going to be shown them in one huge thing!  When actually, you guys are doing it the right way. You are accepting every moment as a beautiful AHA moment. Other people are waiting and waiting and waiting.”

Stop waiting everyone. The moment is now! Every moment is your EUREKA!

It is my pleasure to be of service.  Love yourself and show the world!

If you are interested in joining me in one of these sessions, here is the link that explains what happens.  These are not like readings.