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The other day I channeled a message from Spirit.  I was on my yoga mat and the word “validation” came to me.  I typed it out with my eyes closed, as I often do. When I opened my eyes the first part of it was not there.  As I tried to bring it back, the remainder disappeared.  It was such a fleeting moment. The words were there and then they were gone.  I wrote what I could remember, but it didn’t seem the same.  I went back to my yoga mat and Spirit said to me, “You missed the message.”  I immediately knew what they were talking about and edited my post.

Validation from others is fleeting.  Validation from within is eternal.  I felt it.  I now understood it.

Robin Williams.  So much validation from the outside world.  Unfortunately he could not find the love inside himself.  It didn’t matter how much he received from others, he could not feel it for himself.

When I heard the news I was shocked.  Then in the next moment I could relate. I’ve suffered from depression and although so much has changed for me over the last few years, I can still feel that feeling of utter surrender.  Or what I felt was surrender.  I could only think that death had to be easier than the pain I was in. There was no other alternative.  Nothing felt happy during those times.

With my work as a medium and channel, I’ve helped a few of those who have passed over from suicide.  It was never my intention, or my client’s intention, to bring this spirit forward.  But they showed up.  They were still in pain.  Death did not transmute their sadness.  We helped.  Spirit, along with our intentions, helped them move toward brighter parts of non-physical, but they still had to do some work.

May you find the love within.  May you find that little girl or boy within that is still seeking your acknowledgement and love.  Then, and only then, can you truly begin to be free.

Here is my post from the other day.

Hearts filled with love from Spirit are surrounding you every day.  There doesn’t seem to be an appropriate way to end this blog post.  Change yourself and change the world.  Changes…no more challenges.  Love, Donna.

UPDATE: Stay tuned for energy streaming from Robin.