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This morning, during yoga, the word validation came up from Spirit. I typed out what Spirit spoke through me and then it was gone. Gone in just one breath. Half of what I typed wasn’t there when I opened my eyes and the other half disappeared with one wrong click.

Moral of the story is…you only need Spirit validation.  Validation from others only lasts for that moment.  Validation from yourself and Sprit lasts forever.  If you are looking for validation from others, find that from within.  Are you unconsciously inviting people into your life that are giving you the opposite of validation?  When you find it within, you will be closer to your Higher Self.

Spirit is waiting for you to ask the questions.  They have a lot to say.  It is what you have been waiting for.  Be still. Be silent. Listen.  Let go of what you thought you needed from others.  Find it within.  Spirit “has your back.”

Namaste, Donna

It is my pleasure to be of service.  I am open to all questions and comments.