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Sunflower 004

Israel and Jerry collaborated for this message on the art of deception. They both showed up for it and wanted equal credit.  🙂

“Oh the tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive…OURSELVES!  Never mind what you think others are doing to you or what you are doing to others.  Stop deceiving yourselves!  Today is the beginning of time for you.  Today is the first day of your life.  Today is the day.  

You will now begin to understand and know what your heart is taking on in this lifetime.  You have been protecting your heart from the outside forces.  We know that the forces you protect your heart against are inside of you.  You perceive others and how they bang up against your wall wanting to get in.  When the true one who is knocking is YOU!

Knocking to be released.  Knocking for you to understand that it wants your love–not the love of others.  There is nothing to prove.  There is nothing to gain.  Love is a state of mind.  Love is a state of being.  Open your heart to yourself.  Open your heart to whatever it is that you are going through now.  It is not caused by us (spirit) or by others.  You are experiencing you.  And now you ask–can I love me?  Can I see myself for who I am?  Can I love me?”

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