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ImageI don’t remember much about my childhood, but I recently told my oldest sister about a spirit that appeared to me last year and told me her name was Stacey.  My sister informed me that I had an imaginary friend growing up and that her name was Stacey! Seriously? Listen to THIS story…

In August of 2013, I was struggling with lower back problems.  It was different than my “normal” back issues, but I just sat with it and waited it out.  I knew it wasn’t anything urgent, and I also knew my body was changing with Ascension and DNA changes.  I trusted my alchemist guide was working things out for me.  One morning during a meditation, a small girl appeared to me and told me her name was Stacey.  This girl wasn’t a spirit I’d seen before–not one of my regulars.  She was dark.  Dark hair, dark clothes, a “dark” attitude about her.  I immediately came out of the meditation and was a little perplexed. I don’t allow, nor do I believe, in dark spirits…so what was she doing in my bedroom?

I called a friend and it took me a bit to tell her what had just happened. (I should mention, this spirit, was standing between me and my trumpet–something I use for physical mediumship).  It was her opinion that Stacey was not evil, just an aspect of me I am not seeing.  My friend and I spoke about bringing this little girl closer to me and asking her what it was she needed.  So I did.

Back in meditation she appeared again.  I invited her closer to me and she came willingly. We hugged and I felt her fear as mine–the fear of my journey into this world of mediumship.  Stacey was a little upset to say the least and I still didn’t understand why.  But I held her, and as I did, she changed before my eyes. She became light and we continued holding each other for many days.  I assured her I would always be here for her going forward.  I gave her a “job” as the Gatekeeper of my trumpet and she continues to be there for me.  She showed me my fear and I acknowledged it and started to move on.

Jump forward to about a month ago and my sister tells me about my imaginary friend.  Of course no one believed I was speaking to anyone. And again, I have no recollection of this time in my life.  I asked another sister, one who I shared a bedroom with for many years. She told me I was constantly talking to this “friend” and she was continually telling me to BE QUIET!  She said I would actually bring food to my friend at night.  She also informed me my Grandmother said that I “just wanted attention.”  And there you have it.

What I really wanted was someone to believe me.  I was “seeing” someone and talking to her!  As an adult, my challenges have been around people believing me.  My early work with mediumship, was about me wondering if people were going to believe me…or whether I believed myself!  Now I can see the reason Stacey was so angry at me. I let her down.  I turned away from my gift early on.  Well I’m here now!

Something to end this story on…I have an Xbox and over a year ago I was dancing along with Dance Central and a small child appeared next to me on my TV screen.  Stacey?

You can read more about my work with my guides here.

It is my pleasure to be of service.  I am open to questions or comments.

Did you have an imaginary friend growing up?

Namaste, Donna