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ID-10022505The following was written during a session of automatic writing with a friend.  We both asked a question and then we allowed Spirit to come through and answer. The answers alway seem pertinent for everyone so I am sharing this one with you.


Seeking is the answer.  Knowledge is the key.  Spirituality is growth.  Here you sit in pure wonder.  We take you with us under our wing.  Beneath you we lift you up.  Before you we guide you.  Behind you we support you.  We ask and you give.  You ask and we give.  We are a perfect pair.  Pairing ourselves in joint communion.  I love as you love.  I need as you need.  Come here often for here is where it all happens.

Anyone can do it and there are different ways.  Start with this:

Sit with a question in your mind and then take a few breaths and just start writing. The answer will come from Spirit.

I am always open to comments or questions.  It is my pleasure to be of service.

 Namaste, Donna