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You are CLEAREED for take off!

You are CLEARED for take off!

Put your ear plugs in guys.  This is gonna be one of those short posts that will have the potential of blowing some pieces of your brain out your ears.

Blocks…Most of us have them.  Some are spiritual, some are physical, some are emotional, some are from past lives.  We fight with them, we have sex with them, we process them, we attempt to bury them, we try to eat them.

Recently I have been playing with my blocks, or at least my perception of a block that is stopping me from a final step in my process.  I’ve asked Spirit many times, “What is holding me back?”  They reply, “Nothing.”

Now, Spirit can be quite humorous.  They use air quotes, they laugh with us, they enjoy fun and would like us not to be so serious.  With that being said, I knew they were waiting patiently for me to “get it” on my own.

I love early morning moments.  Those first few seconds upon waking, when if you really listen, the answer will appear.  So the other day I heard it!  I got it! The block IS THE BLOCK!  My anticipation of, my anxiety from, my waiting for the block to appear, is my actual block! There is NO REAL BLOCK!  It’s only my thinking that there is a block that is holding me back!  Oh man, could it really be that simple? (And cue the laughter from Spirit).

Yep, that was it.  Now I visualize and know that I have the ability.  I am doing this. I am moving onward.  I am no longer waiting for the “block” to present itself.  It doesn’t exist.  It never did.

Phew…that was a tough one!  Do you also have a block around the word “block”? I’m open to questions and your experiences.  Oh, and by the way, YOU ARE CLEARED FOR TAKE OFF now.  Live your TRUE PURPOSE!

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Namaste, Donna