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The Oneness Of Being

The Great Masters [as channeled by Donna]


Go forth wise and true Beings.

Go forth into the light, into the stream of Oneness.

We have been waiting for you.

Go into the light.

Shine your light.

We are here to join you.

We are all the Ones.

We are all infinite beings in this Oneness.

Feel the love.

Feel the light.

Feel the Oneness of all.

Sit with us.

Sit a while with us.

Sit until you feel this is the only place you want to be.

Dance with us.

Dance with the light shining from us.

Dance until you cannot dance anymore.

May all the love that you emanate come back to you.

May all the love that you can muster be seen for all to see.

May we all join in the Oneness of Being.

I wanted to add to this how this channeled message came about.  I know that we all have the ability to channel. Some of us can take “us” out of the equation a little easier, that’s all.  And that just happens with meditation, meditation and more meditation.

So, this morning I was doing my yoga practice and my goal is to just do yoga during this time; to not let anything else in my head, just breath and yoga.  But The Great Masters (I feel and sense their energy) popped into my head and started spitting out these phrases.  It felt like a poem and I sort of pushed them to the side because I wanted to finish my practice.  However, that wasn’t their plan.  Yoga later, poem now.  I’m ok with that.  🙂

I got up and opened my computer and just started typing. Sometimes I do this with my eyes closed. This was one of those times.  The words flowed and I typed.

You see?  Channeling is that voice inside.  Some of us feel it is not our own.  Others just go with it!  Both are perfectly fine!

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It is my pleasure to be of service. Namaste, Donna