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Where Are You Going?

Jerry Hicks[as channeled by Donna]:

“Where are you going to?”

You ask yourself this question, “Where am I going?”

I am telling you, you are going to the great unknown. However, the great unknown is not unknown to you. The great unknown is a knowing thing. You have always known where you are going.

You will now re-member where you are going–where you have meant to be in this lifetime. I ask you to open and receive all of the knowing that your Higher Self sends you on a daily basis. As you re-member the stream flows–the stream of consciousness that we have spoken of to you. As you re-member more and more, you know more and more. It is not just a knowing, it turns into an experience.

When you experience, the knowing happens. You cannot know until you experience. All of you who sit and wait and wait for it to come…you must go to it. Right now, right here, experience the knowing.

As you sit in contemplation, as you sit in silence and feel, I ask you to feel the experience of nothingness. When you feel the experience of nothingness, you will be there. When you feel the silence you will know you are there. You went there. You in the silence and now in the silence, in the nothingness, so shall it be.

The experiences will come because you have invited them in. When you move with speed throughout your day, when you fill your day with many doings, it cannot; it cannot come. But here you are in the nothingness and in the nothingness is the allowing. Sit in silence. Sit in nothingness. Sit in be-ing-ness. And as you are being with all that is, you have become a part of all that is–the great I AM Presence. You are now in the great I AM presence.

We await your arrival. We await you joining us.

Until we meet once again.  Jerry


If you are anything like me, channeling is a confusing concept to understand.

There are many types of channeling.  For me, I can be in a light trance or deeper trance.  When I sit to meditate, Spirit will come to me with some starting words or I will ask a question of Spirit.  From there, I speak into a recorder or type the words out.  Today, Jerry (the first spirit I ever saw), walked into my meditation and started speaking. The message is then transcribed and edited by me and my wonderful sister (no words are changed, only bold or italics are added and punctuation).

You can read more about my path with Jerry during this lifetime here.

i hope you enjoy this message…however it resonates with you.

I am open to comments and questions.  It is my pleasure to be of service.

Namaste, Donna