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I’ve been reading a lot about quantum EVERYTHING these days (when you start down that rabbit hole, you just keep falling), and I’m learning more about this “stream of consciousness” that we are all connected to.  While reading a post from Aisha North, I saw a flow of water above my head.  This stream was twisting and turning in on itself as it flowed by.  It was clearly THE stream of consciousness.  So I jumped in!  I’ve been close to this stream, but never jumped in.  The Oneness of ALL is much clearer now. This morning I asked my interpreter guide, Israel, to explain more about what I saw and how we are interpreting it.  I hope it helps.  This pic is close to what it looks like for me.

Stream of Consciousness

Israel (as channeled by Donna)

“I think we are all getting caught up in “our bodies are all one.” It is not our bodies that are all one. It is our consciousness that is all one.  Ah, yes, now you see.  This “stream of consciousness” that Donna sees above her, is the stream of everyone’s consciousness.  It is not just a consciousness up there that we want you to jump into.  It is your stream of consciousness and your stream of consciousness and your stream of consciousness.   Everyone’s is [part of] the same [consciousness].  But you spend so much time out of the stream of consciousness.  Please be in it.  Be in it to feel everyone from the beginning–from the beginning.

So what does that mean? That means you are [what you name as] God, you are God, you are God and you are God. You are all God.  That means that you are Jesus, you are Jesus, you are Jesus. That means that you are Buddha.  And yes, you are all of the negative aspects of personalities also, but again, in the stream of consciousness, not in your physical bodies.  These physical bodies are not reality.  We are all one in the stream of consciousness.  Once you get in it you will see that. You will gain access to so much knowledge, so much awareness and you will understand more and more.

I invite you into your stream of consciousness.  “Your” is not just single here, “your” is infinite.

Look up.  Jump in and ride it.  Become one with all that has come before you and all that you are.  For as Walter [Donna’s mentor] said, “We are everybody that we’ve ever been.”  Your soul that has reincarnated so many times, is a part of you. All of those souls in those lifetimes are you, the soul that is in you right now.  I am in you. My soul is part of the stream of consciousness also, and when you get into it and when you raise your vibration that high…that’s how we connect.  That’s how Donna connects.  In the stream of consciousness.  Enjoy the ride.  Enjoy the swim, all with grace and ease.

Until we meet again.”

You can read more of Israel’s messages here.

I am open to comments and questions. It is my pleasure to be of service.  Namaste, Donna