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CloudHigher Self (my definition/opinion): The you that knows all about you.  The you–the Spirit part of you–that resides in spirit.  Your Higher Self knows everything about you–from every moment, past life or present life, and through intuition and your connection to Source (your soul) you can “hear” what he/she has to say to you. You can strengthen the connection to your Higher Self with meditation and your spiritual practice.  As you shift into fourth and fifth dimension, your connection increases.  

The story goes like this…My daughter moved to NYC in March.  She had been there one week and I was planning a trip to visit her the second week.  A couple days before I was scheduled to leave for the Big Apple, I received a text from her that said, “Got an email about a job.”  I replied, “Great” (I’d ask her about when I got there).  I even told my cousin about the text and she asked to keep her posted about it.

I arrive at my daughter’s apartment and immediately ask her about “the job.” She tells me, “Mom, I don’t know what you are talking about. I never sent you a text.”   “What?  Yes, two days ago you sent me a text.  I’ll show you.”  And I proceeded to scroll through our text feed and found NOTHING!  You heard me, there was no text from her.  I didn’t dream it either. I knew this was not the end of this.

That night the both of us are sitting in the living room on our computers. She was looking for jobs and I figured I might as well look for her too.  I immediately find a job that sounded great and sent her an email with the link.  She applies for it and gets a call within 10 minutes.  And yes, you guessed it, she got the job and I sent her an email regarding that job!

Let’s go back to the “text” that I supposedly received from her a few days before.  Ok, I’ll give you a minute to catch up here.  That’s RIGHT!  The email my daughter got about a job was from ME!  My Higher Self sent me a text from the future (actually there isn’t any future in spirit, just an endless stream of Nows) telling me that was going to happen!

Go ahead, wrap your head around that one.  I thanked my Higher Self, and said I’m definitely open to receiving any other information you’d like to send me via text or email.

To receive texts from your Higher Self, sign up here: 1.555.Connect

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It is my pleasure to be of service.  Namaste, Donna