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The Great Masters on Abundance

Magnolia buds“You think you do not have abundance.  You think you need abundance.  Look around you. Look around you for abundance.  Abundantly we say to you, you have all you need.  Look around you.  You have all you need.

Everything you have right here in this moment is what you are supposed to have, is what you have come to have.  It is where your life has led you and now you will be in this moment of abundance.  As you look to future abundance, you come out of present abundance.  Take one moment.  Take two moments.  Take many moments today to give thanks–to be grateful for your abundance.

As we stand here and watch you, we see abundance.  We see your love.  We see the abundance of love.  There is always an abundance of love.  We love you and our wish today is for you to feel the love–the abundant love of self.  The abundant love of self.  Allow your love to surround you, to enfold you.  Allow this abundant love to hold you in its grasp every moment of every day.  Abundant love is within your grasp.”

You can read more of my channeled messages here. I am open to any comments or questions. It is my pleasure to be of service. Donna