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Rabbi Luria“LOVE…love is all around you.  Love is within you.  As Mr. Lincoln said, “Within is the only way now.”  You will go within and find true love–a love that has always been here for you. A love that is within you. It is not outside of you.  The only love you seek is the love of [and from] self.  The quiet time you spend in meditation is to locate your divine self.  This self is a part of you where love resides.  It waits for your return.  It loves you as you are.  Now you must love you as you are.

Can you not see the love inside of you? That is the rub.  That is the thing. The love is present everywhere in you.  But it gets stuck–stuck in you because you cannot see it right now.  But I tell you right now: here, the love is vast and we have it for you.  We hold it up for you to see.  Can you see it?

Go within and you will see it.  Go within to find it.  Go within and you will see.  Go within and you will see.  My love, my heart yearns for the complete presence of your being.  Be present for yourself and you will see the love.  Then and only then can you feel love for others.

There will always—constantly–be a lacking in your love for others.  You feel this.  You feel this as I say this.  The lack of love for yourself provides a lack of love for others.  We say here in our world, there is only a complete love for you and others.  We do not discriminate.  We love all.  We love you and we see how you can love yourself and we see how you strive for love outside of yourself.  Find it within.  Go within.  Go within.  We are here to guide you.  Ask us and we will answer.

Until the next time.  Love from all of us.”

It is my pleasure to be of service.  I am open to questions and comments.  You can read more about me here.  Namaste, Donna