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The Wise Mr. LincolnI first “met” Abraham Lincoln during a reading I did for someone.  He continues to hang around me as an outer band guide, which means he can be a guide for many other people in physical.  It was only about 3 months ago that I discovered what he was to me–or rather what I was to him–in our lifetime together in physical.  I enjoy his company on long car rides and he continues to come through during readings and channeled messages.

Yesterday morning as I was meditating, he started talking.  I had to stop him for a minute because I wanted to write down what he was sharing.

Here are some wise words from a very wise man:

Abraham Lincoln:  Today I am seeing the clutter of your lives.  The clutter that holds you back from the real “you”.  As you look to the left, your family needs you.  As you look to the right, your job needs you.  As you look within, you need you.  Within is the only direction right now.  Find your peace within.  Then you find your peace without.  And the clutter that appears, be it family, job, or outside circumstances of any kind, will find you at peace with yourself.  The peace that you are seeking is within you. 

Only when you realize the clutter is there as a distraction for you finding peace, will you ever find peace.  Clear the clutter and the peace will come.  I am not saying to clear your family and your job. No, I am saying to find peace within the clutter.  Find your way through the clutter of your mind that creates the outside clutter.  When the “clutter” dissipates, the peace reigns.  As you move through the clutter of your mind, (remember that) the mind makes clutter–it is not you.  It is the clutter from your mind. 

I see open expansive spaces in front of you.  And family and job…whatever you choose to focus on in any moment…will be peaceful in the open space.  Open space…I see it now. 

Much love from this open person in non-physical. 

I am always open to comments and questions.  You can read more about my journey here.

It is my pleasure to be of service.