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I am hearing many people speak about not “knowing who they are anymore”.   At this point in our ascension, do we feel the “new” us yet?  Are we still a version of the “old” us.

Moving forwardI was in NYC for the week and you can imagine the noise and the people.  I walked around many areas with my daughter (a great tour guide), and felt at peace with all of my surroundings. This is a new experience for me.  The old part of me…the part that got frustrated, nervous and anxious in a crowded city…wasn’t there anymore.  Who was this new ME?

I’m  finding so many things interesting these days.  I live, yet I don’t. I am, but yet I am not. It’s like some part of my “being” is wondering which way to go (I know it will ascend, of course).  Life, my life, continues to move forward, but yet I am still.  As if what is going to happen soon is starting the process without my physical body and I am floating in space…the space in-between.  I am experiencing “in the mean-time.”

I feel movement in my dreams.  I no longer need to explain them, to myself or anyone else.  I am allowing the new to fully expand me…all of me.

I am open to comments or questions.  You can read more about me here.

It is my pleasure to be of service.  Donna