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I’m away for the week visiting my daughter in NYC, but wanted to share this post from one book in a series of four, from Eva Bell Werber.  She channeled what she called “Spirit/God/Divine/Universal Consciousness”.  They are the kind of books that you can open anywhere at any point in time, and know that you will get the message you need.  This is the one I picked for myself today and I trust it will help you also.  BTW…she channeled these in 1950.

The dedication for this book states, “This book is dedicated to those who daily follow the trail into the realm of higher consciousness.”



“This thing of building a consciousness, My child, is not done quickly, nor is it always easily accomplished.  As a great building is wrought, stone by stone, and with days of labor many people, so is consciousness built.  Your consciousness is built by the help of many others. Those of whom you love help to build it, and the love you give to them is like unto the great love which I give to you. The ones you meet who annoy and distress you, bring you opportunity to overcome the little traits which tend to separate you in your thought from Me.  They all play a part in the tapestry of your life. The finished building is that toward which the labor is directed. So it is with you. Never lose sight of your goal, which is union with Soul, which is You and Spirit.

Day by day you overcome with My help the little negative traits of your character. Day by day you fall into negative thought, but strive to overcome it. This is the way that you are building your consciousness, this is the way you are climbing the trail with Me.  You must keep your eye on the goal, ever doing the things which will lead to the attainment of your purpose.  Every time you repress a sharp word, or give a cup of cold water, recognizing Me in the one to whom you give it, you have added another brick to the building called Higher Consciousness.

So do not be discouraged, but work quietly, and surely, knowing that you do not walk alone, for I, who hold you so dear a part of Myself, am always there in the Soul of you.  Know that my store-house of love is full, and I pour it out as you open yourself to receive.”

Eva Bell Werber, The Journey with the Master