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Yesterday, Israel spoke of our “old beliefs and patterns”.  Here is Abraham’s take on releasing the old and stepping into the new:

 [Abraham]  “The collapsing of the old ways.

I feel your shoulders from the weight of the old. How sometimes you hold them up, forcing the holding of the old.  As you release the tension with your exhale the old slips off.  Visualize this:  As your shoulders drop down with the exhale the old cannot stay. The old no longer has a foundation. You will no longer support the old so it slips off your shoulders.

Here me when I say:  you no longer have to hold the weight of the old.  Once the old has slipped away, the new will allow you to open your heart and bring your shoulders back up and back. From there you will see the light that shines so brightly for you in this new experience–this new consciousness.  No one here doubts that you all will accomplish this. We are here supporting.  We are here holding you.  We are here loving you.

Ask us and we shall help in any way we can.  The light of this new consciousness shines upon all of you.  Open the door.  Release the old.  Accept the new.” 

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