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The past couple of days I have been working on releasing some old emotions.  I thought that I had done all that I had to do regarding this, but apparently not. This morning I asked if any of my guides could shed some light on this process. This is what Israel spoke of.  Tomorrow I will post what Abraham shared with me.

 [Donna]  Israel and Abraham are both here. Can you help those of us who are releasing the old and accepting the new?

[Israel]  As you release the old, the new enters.  So the struggle is with releasing the old.  Just as you allow NEW to enter, you will allow the old to go.

Visualize the door opening as you say “good-bye” to old patterns, old beliefs, and antiquated systems.  As you say “good-bye” to these old beliefs and patterns, the NEW walks through the open door.

You see it is about opening the door.  You stand on this side of the door afraid to turn the knob. We are with you now as you open the door and allow all of your old patterns–the old systems that you relied on to hold you stuck…stuck in fear, to leave your body and walk out the door.

As you do that you are an open shell for the new to enter.  And the new WILL enter.  You already have a vision of what the new is for yourself.  There is only one thing that stops you and it is the old that you are stuck in.  I say again, open the door and see the cloud that departs you, the old that leaves you and the newness that enters.

New cannot enter where it is already filled.  So you must create a space for the new to enter.  It can be done in pieces.  It can be done part by part.  Do not fear what you feel.  Each time you do this some of you say, “This must be the last time I have to do this.”  And we say,  “Maybe not.”  Just be open to all the possibilities.

You can read more channeled messages from Israel and Abraham here.  I am open to comments and questions.  It is my pleasure to be of service.