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I don’t remember when I first heard about EFT.  Many years ago for sure, and what I do remember is there was an immediate release for me.  One of my memories was when my Dad was in the hospital with open heart surgery over 4 years ago. My Mom and I stayed at a hotel close to the hospital in order to be there every day with him.  One morning I just couldn’t make it.  I was sick to my stomach, nauseous and had diarrhea.  My Mom left and I thought about tapping to relieve my symptoms.  I went through one round and was immediately better and able to leave.  The results were immediate!

Unlock what is holding you

Unlock what is holding you

More recently, I used a friend of mine who is a healer, to help with tapping.  I was struggling with accepting my new gifts and she was able to draw out what was holding me back. By the second time with her, I was able to zero right in to what was limiting me, and she moved me through my limiting beliefs. The results were immediate again!  How could something so simple, work so fast? I continued to do it whenever I felt either physical or emotional upset.

(Here’s a tidbit…I find it interesting how many times I DON’T do tapping.  Like there is a part of me that is sabotaging my efforts this lifetime.  That part of me that wants to stay “stuck”).

This morning I listened to one of the talks on the Tapping World Summit. It was about healing physical pain.  I have been struggling with back and hip pain from scar tissue caused by giving birth, for over 20 years.  So I tapped along with Nick and Jessica and began to “see” the event where I hurt my back.  I had always remembered the moment I hurt it (lifting my vacuum cleaner at work), but never moved forward from that moment. I was stuck in the anger and pain of that exact moment.  As I was tapping today, I started to remember what happened right after hurting my back.  A friend came to help me and I was angry that I had to call that friend, when I really wanted to call someone else, but couldn’t.  I missed the opportunity to be thankful that my friend arrived to help, being so angry at something totally different.  Now I could see how my feelings regarding something in the present moment directly connected to that day at work over 20 years ago.  As I continued to tap, I got clearer and clearer about my own limited vision due to this one event.  My practice of meditation helped me to stay with the movie I created and had put on pause for so many years.  This morning I was able to press forward, change the roles and change the ending!  Hallelujah!  And the choir sang!!!

Wow, what an amazing morning.  I hope you will use Tapping whenever you can.

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