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I loved teaching heart opening poses in my yoga classes.  I speak often of the “heart center”.  This is not where your heart is, but right in the center of your chest.  In class we practiced leading with the heart, we were fully supported in Fish Pose and we chanted as our hearts opened.  But what really is the key to opening your heart to receive?

Of course, loving yourself, first and foremost.  That’s a given.  And then once you do love yourself, what then?  Is there another step to allow love to enter?   To accept love into your heart?  My interpreter guide, Israel, spoke this morning about new ways to open your heart.

Open Your Heart

Open Your Heart

Israel:  New ways to open your heart I see.  New ways to lift your heart to the heavens.  New ways to lead with your heart.  New ways to leave your head behind and lead with your heart.  New ways to open the vessel of your heart.  See it also as a way to channel all the energies of the Universe through your heart.  As you open and as you draw your heart center forward, cracks appear.  Cracks appear in the wall that you have built for so many years to protect your heart.  I am here to say the cracks now have caused a seeping in of energies. The cracks you have made in the wall that surrounds your heart, have now allowed for a seeping of energy to come through.  A new way to view the opening of your heart.  For not only does energy seep out of you, energy now seeps into your heart. And only as your heart remains open will these energies penetrate your being, your true being.  You will allow your true being to accept these energies.

 Feel the energies as light waves coming into your heart center.  We now send energies into your heart center through the cracks and the cracks widen for many of you.  For many of you the cracks are split wide open and you wonder to yourself, “how can it be possible that I love even more.”  Not just love even more but accept love fully.  Accept love into you as much as you give it forth.  You have learned to give forth, now it is your time to accept love.  For you truly deserve it.  For you truly live it.  For you truly are it.  Love.  The love of your heart.  The love of your whole being.  I am here to tell you.  I am here to support the love entering you. 

The allowing has been the difficult part for you.  Now you allow.  You’ve seen it.  You’ve experienced love entering your heart center.  For those of you who feel right now the love entering your heart center.  I want.  I need.  I feel the acceptance.  I feel your acceptance.  Feel the light energies as they enter your heart center.  Feel the light energies.  You may feel it as a tingling down your arms. That is all a part of your heart center.  Open the arms.  Open the hands wide to receive and so it is.  And so it shall be, from this moment forward.  The energies of love.  Giving as well as receiving.  Remember, giving as well as receiving.  For you are now open.  You are now open to receive. 

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