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This morning’s channeled session was with Israel, my interpreter guide.  I sometimes don’t know where the message is taking me until the end and this was one of those sessions.  I had just ended drumming and singing and as I drifted into meditation I saw him standing before me.

DonnaIsrael, I see you with your arms open wide in front of me. 



IsraelYou have called in the light of the world, the light of this Universe and the light of all.  I am here once again to usher in the light.  Do you know that all is well?  Do you know that all of you speaking provides the resonance through which we hear?  When we hear you who speak, we hear all.  We can see and hear more clearly when you speak.  The doorway opens to the others.  Those who cannot travel the distance to be here. We use your airways…the ones who speak. We use your airways to reach and touch the others.  Once again, the others are those who cannot reach us here in this higher place. Those of you who can speak to us and be in this higher place are the gateways. We use this trail to get to the others.  You see it is your job. It is your vision that keeps the trail open. It allows the higher beings to come in to reach the others.  As you keep the doorway–the gateway–open, with your song, with your words, with your prayer, with your meditations, we can come in to reach the others.  This is your mission.  This is our life.  As you make it your life’s mission, you allow all to be well. You see how you are connected, you see how you are connected to us through the others.  And that is an explanation of Oneness.  And that is an explanation of Oneness.

If it is YOUR mission to open the gateways with your song, your meditation, your words and your prayers, I hope you continue to do that.

It is my pleasure to be of service.

I am open to hear your questions and comments.