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This morning, during a meditation, I began to see light entering the portal (more on the portal opening).  My interpreter guide, Israel, appeared at the opening and answered my question.  The following is an automatic writing with Israel.

Donna:  Israel, I see many lights moving through the portal.  They are long, thin lights.  Tell me about these.

Beacon of Light

Beacon of Light

IsraelSee the light.  See how these lights make the darkness that once was into light now.  There are many choosing to do what you are doing and here they are.  You watch them.  You see them now and you are part of them.  Look how the universe shines with their light.  They are here with you shining bright.  Allow this to happen.  Allow yourself to merge with them.  The vastness is now expanding with light.  The light is integrating through the darkness. It had to be this way.  Do you see?  It had to continue like this until now.  Here the light is bright.  Here the light is now.  It is expanding.  I enjoy this job.  I enjoy speaking and watching you grow.  You are my light to watch over.  What a great gift and a mystery all at once.  You are joy.  They are joy.  All here now is joy and oneness.  Oh the beauty of all of this.  Oh the stillness of all of this.  The love that emanates from all your light is what is causing this to be near.  This to be nearer to you.  All at once this is happening.  You feel it.  Others feel it.  Speak of it now and others will open to receive it too.  You are the light of the world.  You all are the light of the world.  Now you are the light of the Universe.  The light of the Universe.  View the expanse as you once viewed the earth.  Your earth.  There are many more waiting to join you.  Watch and wait patiently.  You will soon see the others.  The others are just like you in light though different in form.  They are just as bright.  They are shining beacons of light to join your light.  Oh you will see.  Oh you will enjoy and be held.  The light. The light.  It grows.   I am so thankful to be a part of this.  Know I am here and I am there.   The distance is narrowing. There is no more distance.  I remain always at your side wherever you are.  My light and love of the ages to you and all of you who follow.  Be the beacon of light that you are.  Be the beacon of truth that you are.  Be the beacon of love that you are.  Signing off now.