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Jerry first appeared to me from non-physical in March of 2012.  After that I did everything I could to connect and raise my vibration.  I was learning as I was growing.

I traveled to visit my sister in Florida in August of 2012 to help her work on her condo.  It was an intense week of physical work and half way through I was about to give it up and head back north.  My sister, being understanding said, “Just take a break. Go sit by the pool.”

Taking a Break

Taking a Break

As I sat by the pool I went within to gain some understanding of my life at that time.  I was unsure of what was happening to me and where I was going with all of it.  I apologized to Jerry for not being present with him the last few days (All of my energy was being given to tearing up the carpet).  I was feeling disconnected and asked him for a sign.  I asked to hear a car horn beep, anything that would symbolize to me that he was listening and I was “connected.”  My eyes were closed and there was only one other couple swimming in the pool.  I immediately heard spirit say, “That’s his name.”

Ok, I’ll take that.  Maybe the man in the pool at that time was named Jerry.  I made a mental note of his face to ask my sister if she knew them and continued to absorb the energy of the sun.  A moment later another gentleman appeared at the gate to the pool.  The couple already in the pool yelled out to this man, “Hi Jerry! How are you today?”

Stay open folks! Spirit wants to connect with you.

It’s my pleasure to be of service.