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This morning I drummed and sang my own song.  I really enjoy using my voice in this new way.  It has certainly opened up my throat chakra and I know it is an added bonus for the work I am doing.  Many spirits were with me.  I didn’t recognize any of my regulars in spirit, so I just started speaking after drumming.  Whoever this was confirmed that there were many who were listening today to my song.  I felt honored by their presence.

Live Your Song

Live Your Song

Spirit:  The sweetness of your song.  The rhythm of your song.  The beauty of your song.  Be it yours and yours alone.  For when you have your song, it will be yours and it will be shared.  It shares among us here in spirit. And it shares with the spirits around you. All is well with your song.  All is well with your rhythm.  All is well with your voice.  We who are the masses here in spirit love to hear your sounds.  Sing them out every day. Sing them out every day for we are listening and we vibrate closer when you sing.  All of us vibrate closer when you sing. Sing your song. Sing your song for you and sing your song for us. Know that we are listening. Know that we are listening and the smile on your face right now is our joy, our love. Share. We love to share it.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 

 Sing a song
Sing a song of songs
Sing it out
Sing it strong
Neil Diamond

It is my pleasure to be of service.

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