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I love looking at definitions of words.  I have a friend who asks a question and then opens this very old dictionary for the answer.  The answer always comes via a word.

Here’s the definition of today’s channeled word:  Ascending

1. Moving, going, or growing upward  2. Moving or progressing toward a higher level or degree

Donna:  Israel, can you speak about the process of changing vibration and ascending out of 3-D?

100's of Galaxies from Hubble

100’s of Galaxies from Hubble

Israel:  Yes…a wonderful subject! Why do you have to ask such questions…of course I want to talk.  I see there is much confusion about how am I going to make it out of 3-D world.  Oh my, such confusion.  The way is up.  The way is forward. The way is within you.  What a shift you will feel when you step lightly into the 4th dimension.  You will feel something, mark my words, you will feel.  Then that feeling will start an avalanche of feelings and you will just want more and more of it.  To feel that way all the time.  It is possible.  I can tell you that.  There are many here assisting you should you want our guidance and assistance.  Allow it to come and it will.  Do you look skyward?  Do you fantasize about other worlds, other dimensions?  Well no more.  It is within your reach.  Your grasp.  I am here telling you this.  Go for it.  Reach out.  Reach through.  Reach beyond what you believe you can find.  The sky is the limit.  Good one.  Until next time.  I am here for you. 

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