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During my month-long yoga teacher training at Kripalu, there was a ton of processing: my physical body and my emotional body.  Being over 40, I was in the minority.  I had already done a lot of my “work” so I was ready.  Was I completely prepared? No, but I learn quick.

After one week in, I never felt better.  The program was 6 days a week of yoga, experiential yoga, class time, meditation, and lectures.  It’s not as rigorous now, but this was back in 2001.  After the 10th day or so, my body shut down.  I was hurting. On the advice of one of the instructors, I went to see a body worker. He helped tremendously by these three words, “Stop eating so much.”  He told me to go through the food line with only one bowl and one utensil.  Don’t take a tray or a dinner and salad plate or dessert plate.  Just one bowl.  “Ok”, I said, “I’m game for anything at this point.”

Kripalu at the time was vegetarian only and that was fine, I was already a vegetarian.  So I did what he said; I took only one bowl through the line. I ate less, a lot less.  I ate in silence.  I practiced eating meditations.  I was getting more feedback from my body and mind during mealtime than I was during yoga! My body was starting to bounce back.

Carrots don't really talk

Carrots don’t really talk

One of the younger women in the group came to me one day and asked some advice because she was breaking down.  I told her my experiences and she set off to gain some insight through her own eating habits.  One day during our group sharing session she spoke.  She cried and laughed all at the same time and said, “My carrots aren’t talking to me!”  We all got a good laugh.

Anything is a form of spiritual practice if we allow it.  For me during that week, it was food.  I realized that my body could not assimilate all that cooked food and still be present for me during yoga and my emotional processing.  Digestion needs energy.  Yoga needs energy.   Emotional processing and healing needs energy. I figured out how much I could assist my body with all of its processes if I didn’t eat as much cooked food or food in general.  The body inherently knows what it needs to do for healing…all levels of healing.  It needs energy though.  How can you give your body more energy today to help it heal?

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