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Are you the type of person that supports another person’s dream?  Do you offer your congratulations when someone tells you they just accomplished an amazing feat? Or are you someone who immediately dismisses them and simply smiles and nods?  Do you say, “That’s not possible,” or “Well, you know what will happen now.”

I have an acquaintance, who when I mentioned I was going to write a book, said to me, “You won’t write a book. That’s not what the universe is telling me!”  Oh, shot down, my excitement just took a turn.  It took me weeks to come back from that comment.  I can still hear her voice sometimes when I sit down to write.

Dream it and then LIVE it.

Dream it and then LIVE it.

Let’s look at it this way.  What if, in the process of writing a book, I discover many more talents and receive more lessons? And what if I meet new friends and gain a larger perspective of myself and the world?  And THEN, even after all of that process, I don’t actually write a book, what’s the harm?  It’s all about the process. And I don’t shy away from the lessons.

Another example. I used to ride a motorcycle (well technically I still do, I just don’t own one at the present time).  I love it.  It is the most freeing sensation that I can feel.  When I got my license and bought my first one, many people were very quick to judge, very quick to remind me of the dangers.  It was easier for me to ignore them then it was to ignore my friend in the previous example. Why? Because the previous example mirrored what I actually felt about myself!

I had to look deeply into why I thought I wasn’t good enough and not worthy to actually write something that others would be interested in.  And I did–and still do–process my feelings around the feedback I get from others.  I continually notice my response to someone not supporting my vision…my dream.  Do I want that sort of person in my life?  I’m not saying someone has to hoot and holler every time I mention an accomplishment (I have my Mother for that), but it doesn’t take much to say, “How wonderful for you!  I am happy for you!” Oh yea, and actually mean it too.

Notice the next time someone tells you a dream they have.  Are you able to be happy for them and encourage them?  Or do your own projections get in the way and cause you to shoot down their vision and in turn, deny them their own path?  We all strive to be someone that can easily show and share love. Love is the key that unlocks so many doors.

How are you living your dream right now? I’m open to all comments and questions.

It is my pleasure to be of service.