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Fibonacci Spiral

What if everything you are doing right now is just what you planned?  What if everything you do is neither right, wrong, good or bad? What if you couldn’t make ANY mistakes?  I’m here to tell you, from personal experience, you just don’t know until you know.  So why waste anymore time worrying about what you said, what you didn’t say, who you let go of and who you held onto for too long. The lessons and the messages are right here in the present.  I remember the day I learned that I couldn’t make any mistakes.  It was one of those “change your life” moments.  And it did just that…changed my life.

I’m not saying you can do whatever you want with no regard for human life or other people’s feelings or your own for that matter.  The point is not to worry so much about the day to day things.  Even the big things.  Feel the feelings of events and circumstances that happen to you, just don’t obsess over things. Actually say to yourself, “Hmmmm, I wonder where this is going to lead now?”  It starts to be like a game…your own game.  One that you made the rules for, and set the tone for, many life-times ago.  Yep, I’m saying it, you chose your parents and the people that come into your life.  Some are even part of your soul-group. The ones that are here for you and will continue to be here–IF you find them in this life-time.

From a previous post of mine, It Just Got Interesting, I wrote about my first experience with a non-physical being.  Since then so much has happened.  Prior to that moment I had no intention of becoming a medium or helping others heal physical and emotional trauma through connecting with spirit and their own past-lives.  But here I am, doing just that.  I believed in it all, certainly, but at 48 years old, I was thinking I had already done what I had set out to do this time around.

When Jerry first appeared, the only person I told was my Mother.  She knew of him and I called her and asked if he had passed away?  She didn’t know the answer, so I started googling. Sure enough he had passed into non-physical about 4 months before.  Where was I to go from here?  I was working as a personal assistant and thought I was loving my job, but clearly something else was calling me.  I felt that.  So I went with it.

I sat to meditate one day with Jerry and a few of my spirit guides that I already knew of from Rev. Hoyt’s card circles.  And during this meditation, Jerry makes it very clear we have some “work” to do. I’d never felt anything like that before and again, the only person I tell, is my mother.  She doesn’t think I’m crazy, she had me tested! 🙂

Thinking I should really do my research now, I schedule a reading with a well-known medium in my area.  And he proceeds to tell me some very interesting things about Jerry and what is coming up for me.  He tells me about the past-lives I will work with and my writing and my teaching. What? Yea, exactly the way I felt that day. Although, I must say, I’d been having dreams about this for a very long time.  Not exactly this, but close to it.  So where did I go from there?

Akashic Record Hall

Akashic Record Hall

Meditation, meditation, meditation.  I discovered a past-life with Jerry during an Akashic Records meditation.  In my present life-time, I have an unreasonable fear of water.  Not a crazy fear, but I get motion sickness and I’m not really comfortable IN water.  I LOVE the water, just better to look at it then BE IN it. That changed after my realization from this past-lifetime with Jerry.  During this guided meditation, I saw myself on the bow of a boat in a very bad storm.  I knew in my heart that this was it.  I turned around and there was Jerry behind me in the boat (keeping in mind this is Jerry’s soul in this person with me, not Jerry).  The boat capsizes and I’m left clinging to a piece of wood in the middle of the water.  I have no idea if he is dead.  For that matter, I have no idea if I die in this event either.  All I know is, right now–in this life-time–my feelings of the water are very different.  I have remembered many past-lives with Jerry.

There is so much to say about all of this.  Not to mention the things I’ve seen and heard from spirit regarding many things.  The intention of this post is to encourage you to believe in what you are doing right now. And if you aren’t happy, change something.  You never know what your intention was this lifetime unless you move forward with your intuition.  Let it guide you. You know how your gut feels.  Use it as your compass. Trust. Leave no room for doubt.

Oh and by the way? I quit my job.  Spirit knew before I did that there wasn’t any way I was going to practice working with them if I had a full-time job. That was in 2012.  There was another job in-between then and now, but spirit eventually worked its magic with that too.  If you won’t listen, the universe will send you the message in a very clear way.  I didn’t listen the first time.  And yes, it’s certainly a challenge to keep pursuing your passion.  I have much more to tell.  Stay with me…

It is my pleasure to be of service.

I welcome comments and questions.