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2014 A Year For Continuing Change

New Year’s Resolutions never resonated with me, and I didn’t understand that until I started living more in the present moment.  The anticipation following a NY’s resolution always felt like anxiety to me–like I was setting myself up for something. Would it be failure or a win?  I chose not to live like that anymore. I wanted to be grateful every day and I set resolutions (intentions) every night before falling asleep. They sounded a little something like this:  “Thank you for all the lessons I learned today.  Thank you for the people that came into my life today so that I may see.”  I was setting a resolution to be open for the next day and this felt so much better!

Patience is one of the last lessons you learn in your lifetime (Oh, do I struggle with that one).  I get these big moments when there is so much happening and my guides are re-filling my soul.  I have huge moments of re-membering and I want more and more and more.  Then I come back into my body and realize I must digest.  I look back on everything I’ve learned and done–over the last two years especially–and I practice being grateful for everything.  The lessons, the messages…in every shape and form they appeared for me.  When I accept what has come before this moment, I will open to receive all that awaits me in the now.

Resolutions or intentions can be about your physical or emotional or spiritual body. However, know that when you take care of one aspect of your true self, the others sort of come along too.  It’s best to get yourself ready every morning to open to receive.  When I practiced a living food lifestyle, I never realized it would take me to places deep in my emotional body.  Every morning I awake with the intention to be open to all the messages.  These messages may come in the form of another person or a situation.  My intentions start in my mind.  Law of attraction and all that.

Open to receive. Open up to learn. Open your heart. Choose to love all things and people that show up for you every day. Not for one day a year, but every day of the year.

It is my pleasure to be of service.