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It’ll all be OK when it’s over.  If it’s not OK, it’s not over.

It’s over when it’s over.

Tomorrow’s another day.  It’ll be brighter tomorrow.

I’m sure you’ve heard or said at least one of these statements.  What if today is it?  What if what is going on in your life right now, is it?  What if today and whatever you are going through is what you were meant to be, see, hear, and do in this lifetime? Does that change anything for you?  Think about it.  Think about the fact that nothing will change tomorrow or any day in the future.  Makes you not want to miss anything, huh?

Being happy isn’t like your chances of winning the lottery.  Everyone wins at happiness.  It is our inherent nature to be happy!  If you keep waiting for that next job, the next relationship, the new house…waiting for when you feel better to be happy, for the end of whatever you are going through; you are missing the beginning and the middle of every experience. And there are some great messages in the here and now!

i’ve had many experiences where I thought to myself, “OK I’ve got this now. I’ve figured this out.”  I felt great in that moment, when in reality, there was more to come.  There is no way to receive all that spirit is meant to send you at one time.  It would be like feeding massive amounts of candy to a child.  System overload.  What spirit/the universe wants for you, is to be open to receive. Then they will send you the next message/lesson.  Your job then is to process it.  Digest and assimilate what works for you, and eliminate what doesn’t.  And then rest…rest in the knowing that you peeled another “layer of the onion” away.  Congratulate yourself for being open to hear the message.  Take pride in the work you’ve done so far that allowed you to receive the next message.  Of course there will be more to come.  As you get closer and closer to your soul purpose here in this lifetime, the messages seem easier to bear and hear.  You are more open to receive.  They come at you like lightening.  Seamlessly, like you had no intention of learning anything that day and it just happens.  The pieces start to all fall into place.

This just happened to me recently.  Many pieces of different puzzles all fell into place during the course of a couple of hours.  My mind was removed from the situation entirely and I offered myself up to hear the message so I could move forward.  I saw it coming because I was open.  I was able to allow spirit to take control for that moment and lead me to the answer I had been seeking for so many years.  Never had I imagined it would fall together the way it did.  And also, I could have never gotten to the end (is it the end?) of this without what I had been experiencing over the last couple of years.  EVERYTHING is a lesson.  It may not seem like an answer right away, but it is a message.

I’ve been spending so many years worried about other people.  How are they feeling? If I’m too happy will it upset them? Do I have the right to be happy? Why was I limiting myself?

I know what I was doing now.  I was thinking, and in the process of that thinking, actually TELLING myself I shouldn’t be happy.  That all the work I’ve been doing on myself to BE happy, isn’t worth anything.  So today I’m saying, “I AM SO HAPPY!”  And if you want to hang around happiness; if you can be happy for yourself, c’mon, let’s hang out and infect others with happiness.  Let’s show the world–no wait, the universe–we are winning this game of life!  Every day is a winning experience. It may not be the end of a seemingly “bad” situation, but there’s still a message in today…somewhere.  Don’t wait till the lesson is over to hear the message (Oh yea, the lesson is never really over until you hear and receive and actually get to practice the lesson)!

Life is a game for Everyone!  Everyone wins!  Unlike the lottery where the odds are usually 1 and 1,000,000.

Every day I read a horoscope from Planet Waves.  Eric has a way of saying things that truly inspire.  The other day the following appeared:

“There are certain extraordinarily exciting developments summoning you to a more fulfilling and more creative life. You have a moment soon to arrive with a clear invitation to take charge of your destiny. This is not just a dramatic chance to make up your mind about something; in truth it is a cosmic gateway.” Eric Francis


It is my pleasure to be of service.  I welcome comments or questions.