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This is Anne Frank, one of my outer band guides:

Anne FrankThis is the back of the second spirit card (read more about spirit cards here) I received from Rev. Hoyt Robinette when Anne Frank’s name first appeared:

Back of Spirit Card with Anne Frank

Back of Spirit Card with Anne Frank

I believe all of us have 5 inner band spirit guides.  We have our Master Teacher, our Protector, our Dr. Teacher, Our Joy Guide and our Alchemist.  This post is about our outer band guides.

These guides can come to us at any time in our lives. They will come to us at certain times in our lives when they are needed.  I believe they can be assigned to us or they have a list in spirit of possibly jobs for guides to do in the physical world and guides “sign up”.  I also believe you could have had a previous life with one of your inner band guides. I have proof of that from my work with past-lives.

A few months after Jerry Hicks first appeared to me, I went to see Rev. Justin Terry.  He is a very well-known medium on the east coast.  He is one of the youngest mediums in the country at this time from what I’ve heard.  One of the first things he said to me was, “I keep seeing The Diary of Anne Frank.”  I said, “Yes, she came through on the back of a spirit card during one of Rev. Hoyt’s circles.”  During that specific reading, Anne didn’t say a lot.  Rev. Terry did think I had been in that life with her.  He also mentioned I would be writing books.

Since that reading I’ve had only one spirit sighting of Anne Frank, and she did come through on each of my next 5 spirit cards.  I still don’t know for sure if we had a relationship in a past life.

I did hear from her again during a reading with Rev. Hoyt in May of 2013.  Anne Frank spoke during this reading.  These are her words, spoken by Rev. Hoyt:

“I do this because it is required of me to do…to help. I have not been called on, but I call upon you.  I have called on you too, at that moment I called to let you know that I am in your corner to help you.  And will eagerly do so.  I know that this, because of experience, I know that this changing and then changing again; I know is a little disquieting.  I will help you to fit in. To find the place that you fit. And not the clashing, the never quite making with the populace, but to fit in.  I can help.”

I am honored to have her as a guide.  I know that when the time comes for me to really buckle down and write my books, she will be there.  I do feel her around me, especially when I am journaling.  She is the one who gently nudges me to write and I’m sure she is with me as I write these blogs.