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  Image                  ImageA few weeks ago, my friend and I were meditating and I saw a large portal opening (this was just days before the Comet Ison portal). Let me say, although I knew about the comet at that time, I did not know about it opening a portal. My guide/interpreter, Israel, was standing at the opening of the portal. The first picture above looks a little like what I saw.  I continued to see the portal and one day I saw orbs, large and small, coming through the portal.  They eventually slowed, but they are still coming through.  The second picture is similar to what I still see, only not in a group like this, more one at a time.  During some automatic writing I asked what these orbs were and this is what I got, “Spirit moving thru. Spirit brightness. Spirit love.”

This morning I awoke with another headache. I know it has everything to do with the energies surrounding the 12:12 and Winter Solstice.  So I decided to ask Israel for his guidance and I didn’t remember until after this session that Israel was the PORTAL GUARDIAN of this opening!

Donna:  Israel, I’d like to check in.  How are the orbs handling everything?  Are we moving toward them or are they moving toward us?

Israel:  Oh, Donna.  There is so much out here to look at.  We as beings are so connected in all.  All of this is one in our being.  All of this happening is connected and rising up.  The rising up is what you feel in your head…your headaches.  The rising up is how you will see us. The rising up is the power. The rising up is the be all that ends all of your suffering.  The rising up is. The rising up is the way.  The rising up is your true purpose…all of you!  So please, know that when I say, this is your work, this is your true purpose work.  This is you knowing finally who you are!  Love, Israel.

I decided to google “comet ison portal opening” and this is the first site that popped up.

http://fengshuiserenity.blogspot.com/2013/11/the-next-great-portal-opening-2.html  Judith Kusel

A very interesting read. Again, all of this is pretty new to me, but since I’ve been “seeing” so much lately, I’m being led to ask more questions of spirit.  They are always happy to oblige and also to verify.

I will be sharing more about my guide, Israel, and others in future posts.

It is my pleasure to be of service.