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Today we drummed.  Today we pushed through the old limiting beliefs of who we thought we were.  Today we remembered who we ARE! And we will never forget again!

Last night I had a dream.  I had 3 dreams as a matter of fact.  I only remember one, but they all had the same theme.  I walked into a room and saw my light, and then I turned around and walked out.  You see, even though I am accomplishing so much in my life right now, there is still a piece of me that is turning away from my truth.  The truth of this life I agreed to live before I entered this physical body.

I know exactly what holds me back.  The limiting beliefs and doubts I have about myself.  Every day I push through what seems like another limiting belief.  A belief that was nurtured by me, for me, and about me.  I asked for it and I got it.  So how could I be mad at anyone else for bringing this fear to light for me? How could I push away the anxiety, fear, blame, guilt, shame and anger that arises in me?

Do your current friends affirm your most positive perception of yourself?  I choose to move through all these limiting thoughts.  I choose to no longer have people in my life who doubt me on my behalf.  I choose strong, affirmative, loving people.

Here I stand this afternoon.  A different person than I was this morning.  Meet me where I am or don’t meet me at all.