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Well, I’m glad you asked.  Yes they can!  When we are children there is no way our bodies can handle all the emotions/feelings that come up for us in our every day experiences.  Some of those memories are stored in our physical body; it’s our defense mechanism. As we age, if we continue to hold in these feelings, our physical body will start to give us clear signs that there is something that we aren’t “looking” at.  These signs could present as pain and dis-ease.

I’ve been practicing and teaching yoga for over 20 years.  I’ve had many experiences of crying during class for no reason.  As you go through the poses and stretches of yoga and you connect with body, mind and spirit (the trinity), emotions that have been long stored in the muscles, tendons, joints and ligaments will release.  There’s no need to explain the tears (unless something else is coming up for you).  Mostly all it takes is the ability to just “be” with the feeling and ride it out. What we call “riding the wave.” This process takes practice and the practice includes present moment awareness.  Being able to be with the sensation as it moves through your body without judgment, denial, guilt or blame.

These feelings are resurfacing for me as I progress in my mediumship.  I had to not only relearn how to be with my own thoughts, but how to trust what I am actually getting and leave no room for doubt.  But let me back up…back to the physical body.

This physical body of ours is such a complex structure.  I can only speak for myself here for what I am about to share.  I’ve been experiencing, with age, more physical discomfort.  I have repetitive stress and other issues that go along with age.  As I continue to sort through all of my “stuff”, I wonder many things.  For instance, for the past 10 years or more, I have been feeling waves of sadness and depression in the mornings.  Not every morning, but enough to make me have to push myself out of bed and then I’m fine.  I know this is common for many people.  I recently picked up the book “Bringers of the Dawn” by Barbara Marciniak and there is a very interesting chapter on emotions.  So I decided to play with the idea that if I woke in the morning with these feelings, could I recognize them, first, in my physical body?

I did it.  When I woke up and before I even went into the story in my mind, I said to myself, “Hmmm…I’m feeling sadness and it’s in my chest. I feel it in my neck too.”  Well that was interesting.  You see? I turned it into body feelings and not mind feelings. The result of that experiment was so interesting and successful that I decided to try it at other times during the day when I started to feel a feeling that was uncomfortable.

The next time I started to feel frustrated with something, I visualized where the feeling was manifesting in my physical body and it worked again!  Hey, wait a minute; I may be on to something.  I continued to try this experiment that was quickly changing many aspects of my day!  And the best thing about this?  It didn’t take months.  It was actually taking days to change these long held feelings of frustration, anger, anxiety, and sadness that I have been attempting for years to get through. Prior to this point: I stuffed them, I looked at them, I processed them, I ate them, I had sex with them, I slept with them, I picked at them, I blamed them, I turned away from them, I exercised them, I ran from them.  None of those worked.

I’m still in this process of transmuting the emotions in my physical body that no longer serve me and as I do that I find them not having such a hold on me anymore.  I am honoring my body as a clear channel.  I am feeling fully supported by spirit and by myself.  I can see how I previously looked outside myself for validation and acceptance and actually bring those thoughts back to me now.  Of course, all of this is moving because of the DNA changes in our bodies also.  It’s about establishing new connections and improving the connections with the way our body communicates with itself and the massive fields of expanding energy around us.

Don’t just take my word for it. My wish is that you will attempt and create with me.  My wish is that you take “try” and “supposed to” out of your vocabulary.  Replace them with attempt, create, co-create, manifest and visualize (I have R. Neville Johnston and his book “The Language Codes” to thank for my introduction to words and how I use them).

As always, I AM open to questions and comments.

It is my pleasure to be of service.