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ImageThis is the back of a spirit card I received during a card circle with Rev. Hoyt Robinette in May, 2013 (I explained the front of these cards in a previous post, Connecting With Your Joy Guide).  The names of our loved ones and spirit guides are on the back of the card.  Rev. Hoyt’s spirit guides write the names of spirits who are all yelling their names at the same time.  My name is there also, which is how I know it’s my card.  But let me go back further, to December, 2011…(cue harp music)…

I was the happiest I could remember to date.  Besides the birth of my daughter 21 years before, there hadn’t been a time when I could honestly say I was living a life filled with love for myself and others.  I had just returned from a trip to VEGAS (I feel that city needs all caps).  And no, it wasn’t because of the money I won, it was more about being totally present to receive the joy of that trip.  I felt if I died now, I would be totally good with that.  I didn’t feel I needed to learn anymore lessons this lifetime (of course I was wrong, but in that moment that’s what I felt, so give me that one).  The feeling continued with me and I journeyed through the next few months with a very different view of my life. But yet I was also saying to myself, “So now what? Am I going to continue working this job and living here for the rest of my life?”  It certainly didn’t seem like that was something I would’ve signed up for, hence why I was thinking, maybe this was it…the end.  I’ve read that when you are done with your lessons in your life, you can cross over into non-physical.  Was this my time to go?  I told my daughter I was happy, the happiest I’d ever been.  So…if I do go honey, know that I will come back and communicate with you from non-physical.  And I gave her ways I would come through for her.  She was thrilled. Believe me.  Uh…that was sarcasm.

Skip forward to March, 2012, just a few months later.  I’m sitting in my bed watching my first ever YouTube clip of Abraham-Hicks.  The only thing I knew about Abraham-Hicks was that my brother and mother followed them. I assumed it was a them; I had no idea.  Now I’m watching a woman, Esther, speak some pretty resonating words on this clip.  I turn my head to see a very well dressed gentleman from non-physical sitting in my bed next to me.  Now I’m definitely attracted to older men, so I look at him and say, “Hello. Who are you?”

I know–you’re thinking–what??? Aren’t you even phased by a spirit sitting in your bed? No, I’m thinking, who is this good looking man?!? At this point in my life I believed that when you die you cross over to another realm and that those of us in physical that can “sense” spirit are able to communicate with those in non-physical (I watched enough John Edward to understand the whole spirit connection thing).  But did I ever think I could see spirit?  Not in any way, shape or form, literally and figuratively.  But clearly I can, because he’s sitting right here and I’m just trying to finish watching this clip of Esther Hicks channeling Abraham.  He speaks to me.  OK, now, not only can I see spirit, but I can hear them too! He says, “Click the link right there”, and points to the web address at the bottom of the video.  And I say, “Can I just finish watching this video?”  He says again, “Click that link.” So I do and it takes me to a page from the Abraham-Hicks website that has a picture of Jerry and Esther Hicks (this is the picture).  And I calmly say to him, “Hey, that’s you!”


Stay tuned for more.

It is my pleasure to be of service.  I am open to comments.  PLEASE share your stories.