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This is Daisy, my Joy Guide:
Daisy 1
Her likeness was on the first spirit card I received during a card circle with Rev. Hoyt Robinette.  How can I explain these card circles?  Oh yeah, here’s one word for them…AWESOME!!!!!

This is how it works: (and then we’ll talk about what your joy guide does and how you can connect with him/her).

A card circle with Rev. Hoyt is an experience. If you ever hear of him in your area, I would highly advise going to one of his circles.  He is a gifted medium and during this night he blindfolds himself and proceeds to give quick messages from spirit to everyone in the group while holding billets in his hands.  Typically there are around 30 people in the room.  Before the circle each participant fills out said billet.  Billets are: A 3×5 white card that you will put your name, names of loved ones and guides in spirit, and one question on.  How you phrase the question is probably the most difficult part of the evening (My question for this night and how it all unfolded I will share on another posting).  Then the cards are handed in and Hoyt takes one at a time and announces the spirits that are there for that person and then answers the question that was written on the card.  Is it Hoyt answering the question?  Most of the time it is either one of your guides or his spirit guides.

The more important piece of the evening is the picture–or likeness–I should say, because as spirit was quick to point out at the last circle I went to…”there weren’t pictures back when I was alive.”

Before the readings start, Rev. Hoyt puts blank 3×5 white cards in a tightly woven basket–like a snake charmer basket.  In this basket are probably one hundred or more writing utensils; from colored pencils to markers and crayons to pastels.  The box is closed up and when he is done with offering a message for everyone, he opens the basket. Inside the basket are the beautiful drawings from spirit.  On the back of each card is your name and multiple names of loved ones and guides in spirit (I’ll post the back of this card in another blog entry and I’ll explain further about who is actually doing the writing…stay tuned).

Ok, now, how can you connect with your joy guide if you don’t know a medium who can help you?  Meditation, meditation, meditation.  Your joy guide is the guide you will work with most often.  They are the gatekeeper, the portal guardian, the doorkeeper.  They could be male or female.  They are one of the five inner band guides that are around you.  You also have outer band guides and I’ll talk about those in another post.

So how do you connect in meditation?  Google “How to connect with my guides” on YouTube.  Really, it’s that easy.  Then set the intention to connect with your joy guide.  When she appears to you in your mind, don’t question it.  And don’t worry if you don’t get her name.  She/he will respond to “joy guide”.  Feel her around you. Feel where she is around you (Typically your joy guide circles around you).  See if you can get a color for her.  Ask her if there’s anything you need to hear?  Or ask her a question.  Call upon your joy guide for just that…JOY!  When you need a boost.  When you feel yourself in a slump.  Have fun with her!  She’s there to bring out joy, light and love.  All of your guides are anxious to work with you.  All you have to do is ask!

If you’ve had an experience with Rev. Hoyt, please feel free to share it in the comments.  And stay tuned…I have 6 more cards and much more to share!! 🙂

I’m open to any questions or comments.  It is my pleasure to be of service!