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On December 11, 2012, my cousin’s dog passed into non-physical.

This is Killian.

Killian in car

A gentle and definitely old soul. I’d been living with all of them for 4 years; so needless to say, we were close. Earlier that week, it was just Killian and me and she showed me it was her time to leave. My cousin came home from her business trip and made the difficult decision. Killian spent her last day going for a ride and eating ice cream. It was a fun and sad day all around.

Less than 3 days later, I was about 6 miles from home on a road I had been traveling for years. It was pouring rain. A jeep passed me on the left and the license plate read “KILLIAN”. Simple as that and she was able to come through for the family. I never saw that license plate again.

Recently I have been attending seminary weeks at Camp Chesterfield in Indiana. These weeks are a wonderful way to connect with like-minded people and also learn from some fabulous teachers and mediums. I met a woman the first week there and at the end of the week I was showing her some pictures on my smart phone. When I came to the picture of Killian, she screamed out, “That’s the dog! That dog has been following me all week and I keep trying to pawn it off on everybody!” What a wonderful way for Killian to come through for my cousin. But wait, it doesn’t end there…

Ever since I came to live with my cousin, we would text each other about Killian. More often than not, the phone would auto-correct “Killian’ to “Jillian”. So we just kept typing in Jillian, and, for texting purposes, her name was Jillian most of the time.

Back to Chesterfield…This woman who Killian came to this week, said to me, “Your dog’s name is Killian? My dog’s name is Jillian!”

Take the time to think about all the events that had to come into play for this to happen. Go ahead, I’ll wait while you contemplate the power of past lives and how we come into our present life with a contract and a soul group already in place. Let’s also contemplate the things that happen–the things that we call coincidence–that actually happen to show us we are on our path. Our path, the one we agreed to be on when our soul entered this physical body. These seemingly random happenings are not random. Many things had to come into play for me to meet this woman; from closing my business in Vermont and traveling around until I found another place to live, to eventually being in Indiana…after Killian passed away.

Oh wait, there’s one more…My Dad passed away on Dec. 11, 2009. The same day Killian passed into non-physical. The same MONTH I came to live with Killian.

Enough said. You can’t make this stuff up!

To be continued…

UPDATE: My cat, Angel, passed away on Dec 12, 2014.