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Let’s start at the beginning…unfortunately, I don’t know where the beginning is.  Was it when the spirit of Jerry Hicks first appeared to me in 2012?  Was it when I started a living food lifestyle in 2005?  How about when I started taking yoga classes after my marriage dissolved in 1994?  Or when I was a child and stopped eating to get attention?  Wait…that didn’t work, so I started overeating.  The beginning could be that lifetime when I was dangling above a pirate ship and the choices were to let go into the band of pirates with swords or let go into the shark infested waters.  What about that lifetime with Jerry when our boat was capsized during that storm and one of us didn’t survive?  Or the time in the saloon when he was a female and I was the male and someone came and took him away from me.  I couldn’t stop them and I was beaten to death.  And then there was that lifetime when I was a caveman and I couldn’t provide for my family or when I was a hired killer and left a trail of bloody corpses behind me.  And the one lifetime that I can’t get out of my head and still pains me to think about.

I have many more lifetimes and many memories of this lifetime to share.  All of them left a hole and took a piece of me.  All of them made me the person I am today.  I hope you join me as I fill in the holes and re-member the pieces I left behind and the parts I agreed to take with me into the next lifetime.  And in listening to my stories, may you find the strength to re-member your own past life goals and your true purpose.