How a Past Life Memory Can Heal


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hands-in-chainsI am a medium. The word itself is outdated. A medium these days doesn’t only channel non-physical entities; a medium is also a healer. Not only do I connect with souls/spirit/guides from non-physical, they can also send me glimpses of your past lives so that you may heal present life challenges. There will always be a message for you. Your work is to receive the message and integrate it into your life in order to re-member your soul purpose.

When a past life image presents itself to me, the scene plays out in my head and I become my client in the image. I am able to share the images, feelings, and emotions. Spirit will take me through the scene slowly, and at each break I ask if the scene–and what it may signify in this life–resonates with my client. As I speak, I ask the client to only respond to questions with, ‘Yes. No or maybe.’ I want spirit to do the work and not them. I recently had a very powerful session and I asked him if I could share with others. He said, “Of course!”

The scene started this way…I saw him chained to the ground in a seated position in the middle of the desert. A group of men had put him there with his approval, and I felt it was a penance of some sort. Then the men walked away; however, they never returned. They were supposed to return in a few days, but something horrible happened and they all perished. My client didn’t know that though and remained chained and waiting.

As I explain this scene to my client, I asked these questions first, “Do you have trouble relating to or dealing with men?” He replied with a emphatic, “YES!” I continued, “Do you feel you cannot trust them?” Again, a resounding, “Yes!” I began to help him understand the reason they did not come back and how that is NOT happening in this life.

The scene continued. I began to get agitated in the vision (remember, I become the person in the vision). I saw myself pulling at the chains and pounding the ground with anger. I was yelling out for help, but no one came. My wrists started to hurt as I pulled at the chains hoping to break free.

I then asked my client, “Do you have pain in your wrists or arms?” He said, “I’ve had pain for a long time there. I had to drop out of college because of the tendonitis in my forearms.” I continued, “Do you also have a dryness in your throat that doesn’t heal?” Again he said, “Yes.” He was beginning to understand the relation to the past lifetime and what he was experiencing in this lifetime.

As the vision continued, there were now animals that walked in front of him just beyond his reach. These animals could have been food for him, but he was unable to pull the chains out of the ground and grab these animals.

I asked him, “Do you feel that things are always just beyond your reach? Things that could heal you or help you grow?” He said, “Yes!” And he understood why now.

Seeking that which you will find

Seeking that which you will find

Back in the scene, I noticed I couldn’t move from the ground. My legs were immobile. I was paralyzed from the waist down in the vision. I began to understand. He put himself out in the desert in the hopes of healing his physical body. This was what they believed then. This was his penance.

We both became very sad. And the healing began. My client walked out of this session with a new version of his life. He could see now why he never trusted men. He could understand how they always abandoned him in this life, from his father to his co-workers. And he also understood how he came into this lifetime surrounded by women. His messages were clear and so were the lessons.

When you die in a previous lifetime with challenges like these, they will be very pronounced in your next lifetime. These challenges were not resolved in the previous lifetime so his next lifetime was filled with lessons regarding the last one.

I was fortunate to be able to see him the next few days as this new realization began to change his life. He was feeling much better and his attitude was shifting.

I love my job! You can view more about my readings on my website. I look forward to speaking with you and being an active participant in your healing.


Moving through the timelines with you.

Manifestation of Thought; a Mindfulness Practice


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MindfulnessAll of us have moments of unproductive thinking (maybe lots of moments), and many of us have tried anything and everything to stop it or turn it into something positive. I’m going to add one more tool for your box in this blog post. I’ll call it ‘manifestation of thought in the physical body.’

I’ve suffered with morning depression for a good portion of my life (It ended when I saw the past-life it came from!). The feeling of ‘dread’ when I first woke up was debilitating until I actually got out of bed and began my day. The trouble was actually getting out of bed. It only happened at sunrise, so if I managed to sleep past this time, I was good to go.

One of the tools I used was recognizing how that ‘feeling’ was presenting itself in my physical body. This practice took me out of my head and into another realm of feeling, and from there, the negative thought I had was stopped in its tracks.

At the moment of waking, I immediately asked myself where this ’emotion’ was presenting, or showing up, in my physical body. The trick was to catch this brief moment before the depression hit full force. I already had many years of mindfulness practice, so this seemed like it could be easy.

My first try was successful; however, I questioned it, and then I was taken out of the present moment and back into the feeling of ‘dread.’ From there, I had to try again the next morning. (Another lesson is to not judge yourself as you practice any form of meditation or awareness.)

The next morning I caught the moment as soon as I woke up, before I even opened my eyes. I asked myself where is this feeling showing up in my body? I could feel it in my stomach and there was a tightening of the muscles. I sent my breath there (mindfulness) and slowly breathed in and out. The feeling of ‘dread’ softened as I breathed into my belly. I stayed with that breath for a bit and slowly got up with not another thought of the dread.

Could it be that easy? I’d have to see what the next morning would bring. So, I did it again. Upon waking, I felt the dread coming, and I asked again, “Where is this feeling in my body?”  I felt tension in my shoulders. I used ‘mindfulness’ again, and brought my breath into my shoulders, one at a time. They relaxed and a sense of peace came over me; something I haven’t felt in the morning for quite some time. I felt this peace not only  in my body, but in my mind.

This is a form of mindfulness practice; noticing when the thought occurs in your mind-catching it in that first moment-and moving it into another form…the physical body. This will take you out of your ‘monkey mind’ and give you another way to observe where the thought is originating. The next time your mind goes to an ‘unhappy’ place, stop and breathe. Scan your body and notice where this ‘thought’ is manifesting. Bring your breath there and watch the thought as it softens.

Is the thought actually in the body? It certainly is. Much of what we’ve experienced, especially trauma, settles in the physical body. The original trauma may have happened at a time in your life when you couldn’t process the full emotion. It’s a coping mechanism and we all have created them and continue to have them and use them.

Yoga is another form of mindfulness practice; watching the movement in your physical body so that the body can release the emotion from the tendons, joints, and ligaments. I’ve had many moments of tears on my yoga mat.

I know this practice will add another layer of ‘feeling’ to your practice and your present moment awareness. Use this technique any time your mind gets away from you. Separate yourself from the thought. Notice the difference between ‘you’ and your mind.

Meme for EFYSWe are already healed…we’ve only forgotten. This is the time of re-membering.


Entering the stream of consciousness through mindfulness.







Abraham Lincoln on ‘Fear’


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AbeThe following is a conversation I had with Mr. Lincoln back in 2014. It rings true even more today. Time to honor the fear we have hidden so well deep down in our being. The Soul of who we truly are, is ready to accept the role we chose to play on this lively planet Earth.

Donna: President Lincoln, can you go deeper into the word “fear” and why and how it is manifested? How it manifests in us as these human “doings” and not human “beings.”

Pres. Lincoln: Fear. I will gladly speak of fear though I speak of it with a heavy heart because I knew much fear. And I knew those around me and I felt those around me in their fear.

When I was on the earth plane I did not understand what I understand now. So we fought with fear. We felt the fear rage and then called it anger. And all we knew how to do was live in this anger and we had to stop others. We had to stop them from stopping our fear and the only way we knew how to stop them was to use anger. 

Today, in your day now Donna, the fear bubbles, bubbles, bubbles, bubbles, bubbles. Before it has a chance to even come to the surface, it is pushed down by anger. Anger is easily controlled. Anger is a controlling emotion [we feel we can control IT]. Fear, [on the other hand] controls US. Fear controls those who do not see the anger. They only move through anger and do not feel the fear.

abe-on-spirit-cardThey can control anger. They cannot control fear. Fear controls them. Am I not making sense now? Yes, I know you see it. That is a good statement. They can control their anger; however, fear controls them, and they cannot—will not—allow that.

Please share with others. Let’s begin a conversation about fear and anger. The conversation will begin and end with ‘love.’


Passing through the moments of my soul life with all of you.

We Have Always Been Soul


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soulsI trust my guides…implicitly, it was always my choice to listen or not listen. As I began to walk and talk and ‘be’ with more clarity of my true purpose, I checked off my lessons on this planet one by one.

A friend sent me an article the other day and in it the author was saying…”we (humans) made a mess of the earth and ourselves..”

That is untrue…in my knowing. We all came here to play a role and learn the lessons we chose to learn. Our souls knew that the moment we chose to come into a human body, we were in the exact place we were meant to be. Whatever our role; from the souls who shot Lincoln and JFK, to the soul who chose to be Hitler, to those who choose everyday to die in war, natural disaster, or from dis-ease—these were choices and now all of us learn the lessons from their choices as well as our own. (I’ll add here that being grateful for the souls that cross our paths each day is a wonderful mindfulness practice.)

Earth was set up to be a ‘learning planet.’ All who come here are involved in that lesson. In order to further our evolution as souls, we had to be in a place where we could play out that scenario.

soul-imageWe are soul, have always been soul, and will always be soul. As you dive deeper into your lessons for this lifetime, your soul feels lighter and there is a merging of self and soul…not a collision. The true Self is Soul. There is no difference. We cannot make mistakes, only walk the path that we are following.

Know this and know it well…there are no accidents or mistakes. You are doing just as you chose to do.


Living life as the soul I Am (God)



JFK, Speaking from the Oneness


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I’m beginning to ‘see’ my guides now as energy… that is what they are after all, it has taken me a bit to know I have that ability. The other day, I was called out by Anu. If you want to go ‘there’, here is that link.

JFK joined me this morning as a wisp of white cloud. His energy is fluid it seems to me. It sways around and through the space in front of me. He dances with the sound of the music I am listening to. Always right in front of me, always by my side, always within my sight.

He is speaking of Oneness.

jfkJFK: This Oneness I speak of is an entity as I am an entity. Can you see you within me? For we are together in this wisp of cloud. All of us are here in this wisp of white. Let us dance together in spirit, in soul, in Oneness.

Donna: Arms appear out of the wisp and they seem to put out a carpet for me to join. Do I feel worthy? Do I believe I am? Do I trust the feeling I will have if I enter this Oneness? I step into it, one foot at a time. I look down and my foot has turned into a wisp of white cloud. It doesn’t feel strange, it feels normal. My whole body now, entering this wisp of white. I dance with all, especially JFK, for I feel his energy most right now. We move together. We dance. We become the Oneness.

JFK: Oneness, yes! (JFK reminds me) We are the Oneness. We are all one, but in the Oneness we all are. It is here that we can hear the music…where we can dance. Here where our physical bodies cease to exist and also where our physical bodies heal. We float and turn and dance with the Oneness. Feel your body in the Oneness. Here, your body softens and receives.

When you feel me touch you, you are separate. Feel me as you, in this Oneness.

Patience is our name. We wait for all to enter…rather to remember they are already here. Be conscious of the Oneness that you are.

Please ‘share’ and ‘like’ if this post resonated with you.

Donna, Joining in as part of the Oneness

First Contact


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The idea for this blog came to me after I watched the movie, Contact—for the 3rd or 4th time—the other day. Jodie Foster’s character makes ‘contact’ with her own version of Source at the end of the movie. I was telling my cousin about my ‘first contact’ during the movie and then we watched the final moments where she is in the courtroom explaining her moment(s). Here’s the clip:

I realized, at that moment, that this is exactly how I felt…and feel…about my own first contact.

Contact, in this context, does not mean seeing spirit here in 3-D; it is when your soul moves into the outer realms of this 3-D world and connects with Source, either through your own doing in meditation, or when Spirit does it for you.


For me, it happened about 10 years ago (before I began to ‘see’ Spirit). I was teaching a yoga class in my studio. At the end of the class, I typically lead a short closing meditation. As we sat on our cushions, I closed my eyes with the class and began to speak. I was immediately taken out of the room—and my body—into the vastness of space. It took a split second and I was there, seeing stars…literally. I floated and observed the wonder and beauty of this place for what seemed like hours. I had no intention of leaving. It felt real and the stars were speaking to me. I had no thoughts of 3-D emotions or worries, the only thing I felt was an overwhelming love. I could really relax in this place and that felt the best. So I just hung out there…again, literally.

Without any help from me, I landed back on my cushion with a thud (it seemed). I opened my eyes with panic and looked around at my students. They all had their eyes closed. I apologized to them and asked, “How long was I out for?” They said to me, “We don’t know what you are talking about. You just had us close our eyes.”

Only a fraction of a second had passed in 3-D time. (This proved to me there really is no such thing as ‘time.’) I held that experience with me until I was able to experience it again, this time with my help and knowing. I now know there IS something more than us in this thing we call the Universe. I am no longer afraid of it…or dying. I experienced my soul, free and floating among the stars. I later realized they weren’t stars, but that’s another story.

It is my prayer that all of you experience your own first ‘Contact.’ To quote Jodie Foster from the movie Contact,

“The most important thing is we all keep searching for our own answers.”

Don’t follow me. Find the path you set out for your soul to find, and follow it.

Share your stories of your first Contact in the comments. I love to hear them!

If this blog helped you understand a little more, share this post. It gives everyone an idea of what to be aware of.


Flying through the dimensions.

John F. Kennedy Speaks About ‘Moments’ and the ‘Matrix’


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jfk-answering-quesitonsBefore I get into what was said, I have to share a little background. Many of the things I speak about with my guides in Spirit world, are an ongoing conversation. The topics are always ‘personal and spiritual growth’ in nature. What I love the most, is they eventually complete the circle for me. A vision of mine that may have started years ago, will come to fruition at some point. (Patience is my biggest message this lifetime.) This is what I am seeing with JFK. He’s stepping in at just the time when we need to know this.

the-holodeckFor many years I’ve seen in my meditations the hologram we’ve put ourselves in for this lifetime. The lesson is not how to get out of it, but how to make it disappear. For if we merely step out of it, it’s still there for us to go back into when/if things get challenging again. This time—this lifetime—there is no going back. But what comes next? Where will we be and what will we see after it’s gone?

From what I know and what I’ve seen during readings and in visions, we all have our own box or hologram room. (Yes, it’s just like the one you see on Star Trek.) What we see is all a perception of what we are allowing ourselves to see. We are the one in the control booth and the one viewing and playing out the scene. Most of us have not even given it a thought that there could be anything else beyond this hologram…until recently. If we are going to change anything, it’s going to have to be done in this box. There’s no getting out of the ‘box.’

We sit on the couch here in our box and keep changing the channel looking for something else to watch—some other version of ourselves. What’s holding us on the couch? Fear could be a big reason. For others, they could not even know there is an option to leave this room.

hologram-disappearingThere is a way out of the matrix (what some like to call it). JFK’s arrival last week took me out of my usual thinking. I don’t know what it is about him that caused this new communication with me. He must be the one in charge of Matrix Discussions. If he’s ready, I am ready too.

If you haven’t read my first conversation with him, you can find it here.

Here’s what went down during our second conversation:

Donna: JFK this morning, comes in and I see him saying, “Tick-tock. Tick-tock. Tick-tock” I say, But there is no time. Why are you ticking a clock?

JFK: There is no time, but yet time, is slipping away. Your moments slip when you do not recognize what is in them. When you do not call yourself to the present moment. The present moment slips away with each tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock. Each click is a call to the present moment. Each click of your clock is a call to the present moment. That’s how quickly the present moment disappears. The click of the clock. Tick-tock. Tick-tock

Donna: So, in that quick moment, of the tick and then it’s gone, what do we do?

JFK: This is where the silence comes in. This is where the meditation comes in. Even within one breath there are many tick-tock, tick-tocks. Even within one breath, there are many present moments.

Donna: Oh, that’s huge. So, to think, what I thought before, that one full breath is a present moment, what you are saying is, there are many present moments inside what I might think is my present moment.

JFK: Yep. Crazy, huh?

Donna: All right. So we all need to know more now. What? Wh… I don’t know. I don’t get it.

JFK: Well, if there is no time in that tick of your clock, there’s thousands of years, hundreds, thousands of moments, in that one tick. Acknowledge it first. Acknowledge there is more than what you perceive as your time. Remember when you sat on that cushion Donna, and that one tick of your clock—in that one tick of your clock—there were thousands of moments. (He’s talking here about over 15 years ago, when I was taken out of my body for hours and only one second has passed in real time)

Connect with the realm where there are thousands of moments in one tick of the clock. Know that you have more and more available to you than you think. So now, when you take an inhale, notice how long the inhale is. Notice not from your physical 3-D world, notice it from my space. Call me in and I will show you how long an inhale really can be. The length of what you perceive as forever, for there is no time. There is no time. Time doesn’t fly. You can fly. You can come here. You can feel this vastness of space. It’s right there. Slow down. It’s right there.

Donna: *Breath. Inside one inhale are a thousand moments. Inside one exhale are a thousand more moments.

JFK: Oh the power of a moment.

Donna: You just sent me even deeper down a rabbit hole. I’ve always viewed there is no time. I get there is no time. I also get now that what I perceive as time is ticking away faster…slower, than I think?? I don’t know. I’m going to have to sit with this one. But in my head now, I see space in its infinite. I see there is so much in this space that I’m sitting in right now. It’s empty right now. What does that mean? JFK? The space I see right now is just this huge room of nothingness.

JFK: You’ve found it. You’ve made your way to…this. You’ve emptied the old patterns of your box, your matrix. You’ve emptied the old. Now you stand here. What is around you?

Donna: Nothing but space. But I still see some walls, way off in the distance.

JFK: Sure, you’re going to get there. There will be a few more walls. But as you fill that space—remember love is going to fill it—as you fill that space with love, it extends and extends and extends. And don’t worry, love will break down those walls. You, as a physical, don’t need to play with that. Your soul now has the room to expand. Here it is, Donna. Expand, expand, expand. Look at the space!

Donna: So much space! I love it. I love it! Are all my guides still here in this space?

JFK: We are here more than ever. Because we are the space. You’ve reached us. When you reach this space you’ve reached where we all are, and in this space, now we become One. Even more than what you thought, yes. In this space, it’s not nothingness, it’s creation. It’s where we are going to create. We will help you if you ask.

Donna: Totally asking. Help me to create love. Love for me and love for my body; love for all around me. Trees, grass, ocean, sand, and all the souls now that will be here, that will come now that I’ve opened space. I feel like I could skate here. It’s huge…I can’t even call it a color. There is no color for it.

JFK: Love can be any color. You can paint anything in here.

Donna: You’re still saying ‘in here.’ I still feel like it’s a big box.

JFK: Sure, because that’s your view, that’s your perception. And what do we know about perception?

Donna: I can heal it. I heal my perception right now of what I see. I heal my perception of this box, of this emptiness, of that I think there is a wall. I heal my perception.

I see it now. I already see the walls breaking down to reveal a heck of a lot more space.

JFK: It’s so simple right? So simple. Thank you for your work in getting so many here. Thank you. I am honored to be speaking through you.

Donna: I am honored also.

JFK: Skate Donna, skate.

Donna: It’s beautiful here.

Good luck, my readers. I’ve had to read this a few times and recall my vision. I can’t express enough how instrumental visualizing something can be. Let me know if you have questions.

Share and ‘like’ this. Not only does it encourage me, it helps others see it!

It is my pleasure to be of service,


Interdimensional has become my new reality.

The Intensity Of Letting Go Is Heating Up


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Hello my fellow travelers in the realm of Unity Consciousness!

These last few weeks leading up to the end of 2016, have been intense. There’s been more letting go, more vivid dreams, and a lot more anxiety along with those. It doesn’t last, but when it’s here, it feels like we’ll never find the end of that tunnel.

Yesterday, I spoke with a friend via FB messenger. Writing is always so different than speaking. It seems more comes out that way. I began to express another layer of ‘letting go’ of something. I cried for 3 seconds and then I went on a 16 mile bike ride. It was almost like the bike ride was a celebration of my soul releasing! It felt good and I would’ve never thought I’d be able to ride for that long.

What’s interesting about these days of releasing, is that everything goes so much faster. The intensity is definitely higher and I feel the vibration of this letting go for days prior to the actually tears. It’s all the stuff prior to the ‘letting go’ that’s the hardest I think; the crazy dreams, the sadness and grief, and the anxiety!

I’ve been watching a show on Netflix the last couple of days, “The Pyramid Code.” It’s worth checking out. Only one season, but they said a lot in those episodes. I recognized much of what I know in what they were saying. We have the ability to raise our consciousness, however, it was somehow forgotten, along with many of our soul purposes here at this time.

This morning I was on my yoga mat and realizing all of these thoughts I just expressed to you. Anu came to me as soon as I started expressing the opening created by ‘letting go.’

These were his words:

“Letting go of these things that you have been letting go of, is leaving space. It’s not creating anything new, it’s leaving space for new things to enter. And these new things are a different way to love. Remember, you did not begin with that word love—knowing what that word love means.

These new ‘letting go’s’ that you are feeling…that all of you are feeling…as if [you say] ‘I thought I let go of that before, but here it comes again.’ That’s okay. That’s another layer, another layer, and then another layer. Again, leaving space for new forms of love to enter your physical body. Your soul already knows how to love. It’s coming from your soul. Your soul already knows how to love. Let the soul—let your soul—fill you with love.”

Thinking of our ‘group soul’ today and wishing us the peace to allow the ‘letting go.’


Living in many dimensions all at the same time!

John F. Kennedy Stopped By This Morning


JFK.jpgEarly this morning, I was getting my usual sign from Spirit that someone wanted to talk to me. A tickle in my throat and that unending voice in my head (me), “Get up and meditate.”

This tickle in my throat started well over fifteen years ago (before I saw my first soul from spirit world). Whenever I was in a dark theater or playhouse, with many people around, my throat would tickle so bad that I either had to leave the theatre or drink something. It got so bad that I would never go into a play or movie without a bottle of water or a mint…seriously, it was that bad. But I never gave it a second thought. I learned to live with it. I never told anyone either. Looking back, that’s kind of silly. Why wouldn’t I wonder—just a little—why this only happened to me when I was in a darkened room with many other people present.

As I began my work with Spirit, I would get the same tickle when someone wanted to speak to me. It would happen first thing in the morning or when I sat in meditation with a group. Oh, and by the way, it stopped happening in movie theaters about that same time. Coincidence? Synchronicity? Yes, all of the above. It took me a bit before I made the connection.

Spirit has no boundaries. When they noticed I was focused on one thing (at a movie or play)—and especially when they had a crowd of souls in the physical world for an audience—they wanted to talk. They had no idea that I was there for something else. They saw this as their opportunity to speak and they wanted to grab it. It’s really rather amusing. They love the dark and they love an audience!

So now I’m here in my life; playing out a role that I chose many lifetimes ago. This lifetime, however, is the one where I chose to go even further. I recognize that…now, and realize that is why the last 4 years have been so challenging. I am ready for change though.

President Lincoln came to me early on in my mediumship. (You can read more about Abe here on this blog.) We’ve been enjoying this experience for a few years now and he’s very helpful in all that I do. President George Washington came during a reading also. He didn’t hang around me though. He was only there for my client.

So, this morning, when I felt the tickle in my throat, I sat up to meditate. I was falling in and out of conscious dreams, but all of a sudden I heard the name, “John Kennedy.” With my guides that I already know, I can feel their energy and they don’t have to introduce themselves. I don’t know his energy, so he had to make an introduction of sorts. (I guess I have another president to work with)

I asked, “Is this JFK?” He said yes and went on to speak.

JFK:  This is not the way that I saw it was going to go back when I was on the Earth plane. However, from here, I can see so much more, if you only will allow me to help you.

I was in a little bit of disbelief. Wouldn’t you be? I didn’t stay in the meditation. As I slipped back under my blanket (it was early), I recorded a voice memo on my phone to remind me what just happened. I made a mental note to check out what happened in ‘this day in history.’ From experience, I knew that would be my confirmation that this truly was JFK. I was thinking it would either be his birthday or the day he was shot.

As soon as I got up, I googled ‘November 17 and John Kennedy.’

Here are just a few of the headlines from this exact day:

  1. “William S. Walter, a night employee of the FBI office in New Orleans, would state in 1967 that his office (and presumably others) received a telex from the Washington office (on November 17th), that began with the text “Threat to assassinate President Kennedy in Dallas Texas November 22 dash Three Nineteen Sixty Three.”
  1. “Sunday, November 17, 1963, marked the beginning of the week that, for President John F. Kennedy, would be his last.”
  1. LOOK Magazine, November 17, 1964. JFK Memorial Issue, Jacqueline Kennedy and Son John on Cover.
  1. He was also on the cover of TIME magazine. ‘Debunking JFK’ Issue release, Nov. 17, 1997
  1. November 17, 1962 Shortly after 8:00 am JFK took off in a helicopter from the South Lawn of the White House in a ten-minute flight to give opening remarks in a ceremony at the just completed, “futuristic” Dulles Airport. JFK, by contrast, talked about the America of his day and beyond, saying that Dulles Airport represented the “aspirations of the United States in the 1950s and the 1960s.” (I think this one is a ‘nod’ to me. I lived in that area for 7 years and airports have a special place in my heart. I also think he’s showing me his ability to see beyond his present moment awareness)

And, also, we can’t rule out, JFK was assassinated on November 22, 1963 (the anniversary just five days from today). I think that’s enough confirmation for me…you can’t make this shit up. A little pressure there…no biggie.

I felt like, this morning, JFK was asking us a question when he said “…if you only will allow me to help you.”

Are we open to hear his thoughts? I, for one, am saying ‘YES’ to that question. What about you?

Please comment below and share this. It’s the only way  I have to get his word out, along with the others I am speaking with.

Donna, Interdimensional Traveler

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Are We Ready For This? Yes!


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We are ready because this is the way we planned it to happen. Too many of us have resisted ‘jumping off the cliff’ in the past. Now, this is the way it has to go down. Our Mother, the Earth, has already made a huge shift and it continues. We, as souls on her, have not done enough of the work to support her shifting. There are a small percentage of us who have, but that is not enough. And come to find out, this small percentage may have actually been holding the rest of us back. I consider myself in that small percentage. The fear of jumping no longer exists. We have jumped.

If you live in the US and are reading this (well even if you don’t), you know there is tremendous upheaval right now. Now I will explain my experience and how I’ve come to my conclusion from a place of knowing and listening to Spirit.

Let’s go back to before last week. Over a month ago, after a conversation with a friend, I realized that the only way for our planet to evolve, was for Trump to become President. I was punched in the stomach, and received a huge shift in my perspective, all at the same time. I didn’t want to believe it, but it was very clear to me in that exact moment, that it was going to happen.

There were a few people in my circle that asked me what my Guides thought about the election? All I could say was, “It’s not about who wins—it’s about our emotions…our feelings right now.”

Anu.jpegIf you know a little about me, you know I also am in contact with Anu, the Creator God of the Annunaki. It’s been a 3 year journey with him (more here, if interested.) I’ve had to really process what he was communicating to me. Most times I didn’t get my answer until long after I got the message.

I had been in contact with someone online who has a big presence regarding such things, and she was asking me the same questions about the election. I wasn’t giving her the answers she wanted, only my impressions based on what Anu was saying. During my emails to this person, Anu came through to me. Here is what I said in an email to this person,

“I’m humbled by his presence and feel nothing but love and respect from him. He bows to us for what we’ve had to go through. Like he’s, in a way, sorry or embarrassed, but still, he says, ‘We must go through this first before we are to gain access to the reality of every moment.’  He moves in and out of feeling respect and then being sort of firm with us/me.”

I didn’t have a clue what that meant. I only felt his feelings around it. However, I’d been processing this whole “feelings” thing for a while now (There’s more in my other blog. Are we, as souls, NOT feeling? Or feeling too much? Or, are there no such things as feelings…only love.)

During the month prior to the election, I was holding space for whatever was meant to happen. On election day, I shivered as the early results were coming in. It was really happening. I had been feeling the weight of it all day, and yet still did not want to believe it. In fact, to be honest, I almost voted for him. That was how powerful the feeling was that it was going to happen. But then I realized, no matter what I did, it would happen the way we planned.

On election night, as I drove to my meditation circle, I listened to the radio, still not knowing the final result. The comments were beautiful in a different way and my body began to experience grief..not just my own. The tears started and my Spirit Guides gathered around me in the car and said, “We have everything under control.” At that moment, I let go of my own control; it was what I needed to do. As I did that, my body shifted and I refocused. Now I was coming from a place of total acceptance and I was not being ruled by my emotions, only love. 

I now understand what Anu was saying. “We must go through this first…,” has to do with the upheaval we are now experiencing. The ’emotion’ piece is HUGE! I had been feeling—for most of the last 20 years—like I’m not only ‘holding space for others,’ but stopping everyone from jumping off a cliff. That some of us, as Lightworkers, thought that was our job; to hold other souls at the edge of the cliff.(I could say a lot more about this, but it can wait) We were confused. The cliff was a safe place to be. Jumping is the only way to go now!

I realized the other day, it was time for everyone to jump, and this is what is happening right now. We need to support others in their leap. Let them do what they need to do. Fear was a big factor in holding our souls stuck in 3-D. If rising above 3-D means letting go of duality, then there is no such thing as fear…only love. This comment is not meant to replace ‘fear’ with love (which is what we’ve always been doing), it’s meant to say that there is only LOVE. No duality, remember?(again, my other blog goes deeper into this)

AbeMr. Lincoln is also one of my Spirit Guides. He spoke to me that election evening also. Here is a snippet of his words:

Abe: “There’s been a deep level of sadness, that I’ve not wanted any of you to feel…any of you; not just here in this room, but all over. I’ve held back from Donna for as long as I could. And it started to come to her being almost a month ago. And today is the day when the weight weighs heavy on many of you. It is more important now than ever to be present— to be in the present moment with all your feelings. I can’t express enough how important it is to have your feelings come through and not those of others.

…We have our own personal upheaval which allows us to shift. As a planet it wasn’t enough.”

As a planet, our own personal shifting was not enough…this had to happen in order to keep up with the planet shifting. Too many of us were holding ourselves back from ‘the cliff.’ We all needed to jump and realize the fallout from that.

Yesterday was 11:11. A portal opened, and we must receive as well as go through. Some of us will jump through this portal and receive all we are meant to. Others will stand at the precipice. Those of us who are Lightworkers, etc., can no longer stop our own shifts from happening. Move through with greater awareness. If you are reading this, you are meant to move beyond your own boundaries right now. Move beyond every other lifetime. This is an area you have never touched before. It will feel different, because only feeling love, is something we’ve never done…in any lifetime.

Morning has broken like a new day. Yes, a new day has come. I continue to hold love around the planet and all who are feeling their shift not as love, but as something else. Soon we will all experience love the way we were meant to feel it.

Thoughts? Experiences? Share this post please!

Donna, Traveling through the dimensions to bring clarity.