What a Reading Might Look Like


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I posted a new video last week. In it, I explain a little bit about what a reading with me might look like. Many things could happen, not just what I say here. I am never surprised anymore about what Spirit brings through for a client…no, wait…there was that time when…  🙂

Also, from now until September 15th, I am offering $75 readings (reg $100). There are many mediums/psychics/clairvoyant out there. Many charge over $400 and have a many month wait list. It has always been my intention to keep my readings affordable so that all of us who would like this information, can access it. I appreciate all of you who have come in front of me and allowed Spirit to tell you what your Soul needs to hear right now.

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Walking into the NEW with YOU!



Spirit is Speaking. Are You Listening?


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New video just added.

In this video I explain more ways Spirit communicates with us from the world of non-physical. I talk about tv’s and radios turning on, movies, blinking lights, apports, dreams of cars or your home, and more.

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The Present Moment: What’s in it for Me?


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So many lessons in each present moment…and yet not. There is only ‘unknowing’ in the present moment. The ‘what ifs’ and the ‘when will I’ are future thinking. Stay in the power of the unknowing of each moment.

We’ve planned our lives to learn lessons and to discover love. Don’t waste your precious moments asking questions about the future and worrying. The true gift of the present moment is the unknowing.

Enjoy this short video I just added.

Cheers to our power which is yet to discover in the present moment!


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More From Spirit Through the Magic Dictionary

IMG_1239Spirit can communicate with us in many different ways. The Magic Dictionary is another way I hear from the world of Spirit. I just added a video on my YouTube channel about it. Check it out here.

If you are open to receive and have a practice of clearing your mind, your loved ones, spirit guides, and angels will send you messages. It is also important to leave no room for doubt. If you hear, sense, feel something after asking for a sign, know it to be a clear sign from the world of Spirit. Know it!

One of the most common questions I receive is, “How do I know it’s Spirit and not me making it up?” Although a good question, it tells me you already have doubt. Clear it away and know that what you are receiving is your message from Spirit. You don’t have to know who is sending the message (as I don’t typically know when pulling words from the dictionary), receive the message, and that tells Spirit you are willing.

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Spirituality and Evolution


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I recently gave a talk on ‘Spirituality’ in Redondo Beach, CA at Allomi Studio. You can find it here on my YouTube channel:


Spirituality is a word that changes as we evolve. All words change as we evolve. The word ‘medium’ can no longer describe what some of us do, as mediums. Spirituality involves more than a spiritual practice; it’s an every day, every minute practice. Spirituality is walking a path of integrity: in thought, in deed, and in speech. Spirituality and awareness go hand in hand. One example: it’s about not blaming others for your own emotions. Recognizing that what others do may cause you to have an emotion, but that emotion is yours and it is also ‘yours’ to not blame the ones that brought it up. Honor the feeling and recognize the shift in yourself as you process it. Judging others for your discomfort, only holds all involved in a paradigm that is shifting and there is no control. In this case, the shift is happening, but no one is moving. This is what causes suffering.

There is something definitely new about this time on our planet. I’ve been talking about it for awhile now…the Rift in the Shift. As souls, we have reached a place that we’ve never been before in any lifetime. Shifting is the only way through to the next place in our soul’s existence.

The other day I was actively (when I say ‘actively’ it means I was struggling with something) thinking about why, even though I was in a good place, was I feeling a strain to move forward as my soul intended. I decided to go into a past life and see where I could get some answers.

My meditations get right to the point these days. Spirit doesn’t waste any time showing me the answer to my question. If this is the order that I am meant to receive something, I will get it immediately. I got it alright…here’s what went down, and my interpretation as it was evolving in my head during the meditation.

  • I see myself standing in a wide open space, facing forward. (This is telling me I am on the path of my soul…open to receive.)
  • All of a sudden, this group of some sort of alien or monster-like creatures start running toward me. (I begin to think I’m facing a fear. It’s coming at me head-on.)
  • One monster runs right at me and through me. (Wait, what was that? He didn’t even see me? I’m still standing. He went right through me!)
  • I don’t turn around to see what is happening behind me. I continue looking forward. (This brought up two things in me. 1. Hey! Doesn’t anyone see me!  2. Whatever this was, was more interested in what I was bringing forward than me.)
  • I stood there for a moment, and took in the scenery. It was still an open field. Whatever was happening behind me, wasn’t changing the path I was on.
  • Spirit told me they weren’t AFTER you, they were after what happened AFTER you.

What did I receive from this viewing? I immediately began to cry and feel the rush of emotions passing through me. I called out, “I want to be seen! I am ready to be seen!” After that realization, I analyzed what Spirit said. I am afraid to DO what I am meant to do because of this rush of angry crowd coming to knock me down and they are in fear of what will happen after I accept my sovereignty.

Okay, let’s break it down. There are many out there that want to keep their awareness under wraps. They have a fear of showing up for themselves and honoring their true purpose here. There are also those out there that want you to do that. There will always be someone out there that wants you to stay down and they live in fear and want to scare you so that you don’t move forward. If you rise up, then they will no longer be at ‘the top.’ There is no top and there is no bottom. That’s duality.

What Spirit is saying through this view, is you aren’t afraid of accepting your purpose, you are afraid of what will happen after. Whether that is: you will change, those around you will change, or others will be angry at your change. There’s more to come, let’s get that straight. No doubt about that, but, only if we accept our sovereignty. Rise up. Rise up. You are worthy!

How does this show up for you in your life? Try out these mantras today:


I AM ready to be seen.

I AM ready to be.

I AM Ready.

I AM Ready to accept the NEW (insert your name here)!

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Cheers to all of you accepting your sovereignty!



The Rift in the Shift—The Shift of Soul Consciousness


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IMG_4652A few weeks ago I was given a message from Spirit. A friend and I were having a conversation regarding the current emotional and physical challenges many of us were having. To be honest, I’ve been in this current ‘shift’ for about 30 years and there always seems to be a ‘push’ or a ‘shake-up’ every few months. I don’t get too excited about them anymore..however, this one seemed to be different; different based on the things that have been coming through from Spirit over the last few months.

2019, I was told, will be the ‘Year of Higher Purpose.’ (see my blog here) I got excited when I heard that from Spirit. Could this be the time where we will go further than we ever have in any lifetime? It felt that way to me. I’ve talked about that we set goals for ourselves in every lifetime, and when we reach said ‘goals,’ we feel a shift, a small moment (or big) of clarity. My mission has been to support this shift of soul consciousness, whenever it happens, whether in a group or individually.

So after Spirit told me about the ‘rift in the shift,’ I was excited to see what would come next. The rift was a force that entered the stream of consciousness…the Oneness. And when it entered, it was curious to see what the Oneness was all about. This force, I’ll say it was an ‘unconscious’ force, (meaning if I were to run up on it here in the physical world it would leave me a little shaky), left a hole in the Oneness and shook us up. Hence, the physical symptoms and emotional stuff over the last few weeks. Spirit told me at that time to ‘not worry about it,’ they would fix the rift and all would be fine. I assumed the ‘force’ left the Oneness.

Well, I know better than that. Something that big doesn’t end up being just fine. There had to be something else coming. And lo and behold, yesterday I was given the continuing story of The Rift in the Shift—The Shift of Soul Consciousness.

I was told that the ‘force’ wanted to stay in the Oneness. That it liked what it felt and that we would now absorb the impact of that. There is no duality anymore, so I hesitate saying that this force was ‘negative.’ Rather, I’d like to say that it was something that was previously unconscious for these souls and now was made conscious by entering the Oneness. This is our job as souls, to consciously know what our souls are here to do. And this is a big job. For those of us who are feeling still a little shaky, take care of yourself. That’s about all I can say. Rest…a lot. It’s important.

So what happened because of this rift in the shift? Prior to this moment, we, as souls, were the arrow in the bow…the rock in the slingshot. Never being let go. Only being pulled tighter and tighter waiting for release. Before, we could change the trajectory by moving the hand that held the bow or the slingshot. Not anymore, we have been released! We are now on a trajectory that cannot change, no matter what you do. There is nothing that you can do today, that will change where you are going in this lifetime. We have officially gone beyond what we’ve done in any other lifetime.

Now, this is good news! We are being catapulted. The arrow and the rock have been released. Hang on, the ride has begun.

This is a short video I made yesterday, when I couldn’t hold it in any longer. Please share this. There is more to see in our new paradigm, more to release, more to feel. You don’t have to let go of it, just put it down. That feels a little easier to me.

How does this feel to you? Comment, like and share. It’s important to get the word out. The shift is continuing. You may wake up and feel different, or you may feel yourself in the process of feeling different. We are all One in this. Only LOVE. There isn’t any thing you can love more…you can only LOVE more things. There is no opposite of LOVE, only non-love. Be the LOVE that you came here to remember to BE!




ONLINE Classes!


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donna bio picIt’s happening! I am scheduling now for online Intuitive/Spiritual Development classes. These classes will be only 3-4 students so that I may give individual attention. They all will be recorded and you will receive an audio and video recording after each session.

Classes will include things like:

  • Meditations: Spirit Guides, Totem Animals, Future Self, Past Lives, Power Symbol, Body Awareness, No Thought, Breath.
  • Spirit Guides
  • Automatic Writing
  • Intuition exercises
  • Interpreting Images
  • Hearing vs. Sensing
  • Embodiment vs. Speaking to spirit
  • Channeling
  • Physical Sensation
  • Using Your Own Experiences
  • Giving Messages/Readings

Here’s a short video explaining and you can also take a look at my website here.

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Talk soon





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surrenderI can’t tell you how many times I’ve given up on a current passion or dream one night and the next day received a clear sign from Spirit to pick that dream back up again. Ever since I’ve become a medium, I’ve certainly had my ups and downs as to whether I should continue the role.

If you’ve been reading my blog and watching my videos on YouTube, you know there have been definite signs from Spirit telling me that YES, this is my path this lifetime.

I started having the urge to write many years ago. In fact, my blogs were the first things that got me excited about writing and sharing my stories. It started with health blogs, then morphed into personal stories and now I find myself writing more than a few books.

I was led to all of these current ‘books in progress’ by Spirit: thoughts upon waking, dreams where I saw a chapter of my novel play itself out, my messages from Spirit that I share with my clients, meditations and visualizations, and of course…past lives.

Just like moving forward as a medium and shaman, I’ve had my moments of doubt and giving up…surrender. I’ve always been shown by Spirit that that was not an option. Most recently, just the other night.

I had been feeling under the weather so I spent two days on the couch writing during the day and watching a Hallmark movie in the evening. The first two I watched were about authors. I told Spirit, I get the message…’Keep writing.’

Last night, I was making dinner and told Spirit I didn’t want a message tonight. I just wanted to watch a movie and not hear the lesson to ‘keep writing.’ I laughed to myself and turned on a Hallmark movie about a woman surgeon from Seattle who vacations at her family pear farm and meets a man. I thought, There’s no way there could be anything about ‘books’ or ‘writers’ in this movie. Thanks Spirit. I’ll watch this one and relax and enjoy it.

For the first half hour, the characters were calling her, Dr. Gilson. When she gets to her farm, the residents of the town call her by her first name, Luna. And there it was. Luna is the name of one of the lead characters of my YA novel. It’s not a common name and Spirit and I had a good laugh. Thanks Spirit, you just couldn’t let it go for one night, could you?

cheers!Confirmation that the book is meant to be written. I can ‘give up’ as many times as I want, but I’ll always go back to writing. It’s in me and I can’t get it out if I don’t write. I have no idea where all my books will take me. Right now, I write for the sole purpose of getting the story out of my head. That is my intention every morning, and every morning I surrender to that.

The future remains to be ‘scene.’ Don’t be afraid to surrender every once in a while and ask Spirit to show you the message. It will be there…somewhere…just keep your eyes and ears open.

How have you been shown by Spirit that you were on your soul path? Signs? Numbers? Coincidences? Synchronicity?

**UPDATE: It’s been a few days since I posted this blog. I realized something else…I don’t have to ask for a sign. If I’m meant to get a sign, it’s going to appear whether I ask for it or not. You don’t have to ask…you already know!

Last night’s movie was about an Ice Hotel. No part of me wanted any part of that coldness…however, I watched it. The lead female was a book editor…yup….another sign. The name of her publishing firm? Spirit Publishing! If I blinked, I would’ve missed the name. It only appeared once in the movie as she was walking into her office. 

Again, if the sign is coming to you, you don’t need to ask for it. Today I picked up the local small paper at the library. There were monthly horoscopes in it. This was mine:

“This may be a very positive time for you. If you are a writer or are involved in any intellectual work, ideas could flow and make it much easier to express your thoughts.”



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All for the love of love,






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2019 – The Year of Higher Purpose


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Dec 22 2018With the appearance of the Full Moon, Spirit has spoken.

2019 will be about moving into our Higher Purpose. 

It’s that time of year again…not for physical form (human) resolutions, but SOUL resolutions. Spirit sends me what the upcoming year will be about around this time every year. Last night, the message was received loud and clear.

Resolution is the noun form of the verb resolve, which comes from Latin resolvere, “to loosen, undo, settle, to decide firmly on a course of action.”

In every moment, we have the opportunity to resolve what we, as souls, came here to learn and do…in every moment. At times, you may decide on something in one moment, and in the next, something else. Life is about movement, change, and growth. Once again, in every moment.

If we judge ourselves for our decisions in any given moment, we are living in the past and not the present. And although I am a fan of past life work, the last moment is not your past life, it is your past moment. You move through the moments, not through time. Allow the movement to happen so that your Soul emerges into its truest form. This true form IS your Higher Purpose.

In no other lifetime, have we evolved to this point of our Higher Purpose. I have the knowing that all is right on schedule and in order. Receive the message that you sent to yourself right in this moment.

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Comment below and tell me about your new version of you. You are worthy. This is all for you!

Love is.





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It Really Is All About Love: Speaking to Victims of Suicide


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Seeking that which you will find

I’m a medium. Yep, I communicate with souls in the non-physical world. (I also speak with the higher selves of those in the physical world.) I’ve spoken to many souls in my years doing this work, that crossed over from suicide. It’s my job to see ‘where’ they are and what I can do to help them. Sometimes it’s helping them find a Spirit Guide, or sending in one of my guides to help them, or just turning them around so that they can see what is now in front of them. Not all souls that took their own life are struggling in the world of Spirit. Every one is different and every soul has a different need.  I wanted to share the last two souls that came through during a reading with their loved ones.

First let me say, I ask everyone I speak with if I have their permission to share any part of their reading if it could help others. Everyone is more than willing.

During a reading, my physical body may take on the symptoms of the soul I am bringing through. For this first one, I was feeling a neck ache during the first half of the reading and I was not able to confirm why based on my client’s answers. Meaning, no one we were talking about, in the physical or non-physical world, had any headaches or neck pain. Spirit won’t let it go until I get through to my client.

My client eventually gave me the name of someone in the non-physical world he wanted to check in on. I immediately got the neck pain again and he confirmed that this person did take his life by hanging himself. I was feeling that this soul never experienced unconditional love in the physical world and that he was continually searching for it. My client agreed.

After telling my client that his friend was okay, I instructed this soul to turn around and see everything that he wasn’t seeing in the world of non-physical. Sometimes, when the crossing is recent, the soul doesn’t understand that there is more and is seeking the help of the physical world by looking there. When I see this, I show them there is more to the non-physical world and confirm for them that they can still speak to their loved ones on the physical plane even if they ascend toward ‘the light.’

As soon as I told this soul that, he went out and found the Puppy Room in Spirit world. I have never seen this room before! I’ve seen the bakery, the library, and many other ‘rooms’ in Spirit, but not a puppy room. I was very excited also as I saw him interact with so many puppies.

He was receiving unconditional love, finally. And the greatest thing about the puppies in the puppy room? They never grow up! They stay puppies forever! It was a wonderful image and I was very happy to see yet another ‘room’ in the world of Spirit where souls can go to receive what they didn’t receive in the physical world.

My next client gave me the name of her aunt that she wanted to speak with. After the name was said, I immediately get an image of a woman stuffing down what I thought was food (it’s my job to interpret the image in my head based on what I see and what I sense). I said to my client, “This woman is stuffing down all her emotions with food.”

My client said she recently committed suicide. I mentioned there was a lot of emotion and a lot of shoving down. I asked, “Was she denying feelings? Was she hiding behind something? Did she use food as a crutch her whole life?” My client said, “No, the opposite. The absence of food.”

That made sense to me. She was now presenting as a soul that was using food to fill the hole in her. I said to my client, based on what this soul was speaking telepathically to me, she was so consumed with thoughts in the physical world that it was difficult for her to express herself. My client agreed. I said she was fine now, but wanted to speak. I told this soul she could, that I was listening, and she put her hands down and stopped eating.

This soul was sitting close to me which says to me she understands what I am doing in that moment. I had a headache and asked if that had anything to do with her passing and my client said she her aunt had hung herself. I told this soul that I loved her and that it was okay to now receive that love.

She was very loving herself. She had so much empty space for me to fill with love. Because she stopped eating, she didn’t have anything to fill it with while she was in the physical world. Now that I had her attention in the non-physical world, I was able to give her more and more love and she accepted that.

I also felt she didn’t talk to anyone in the physical world and that it got worse over the last two years. My client agreed. This soul kept taking more and more love from me, but it was actually from the continuous supply of love from Source/The Universe, that was moving through me.

I knew it was a recent passing because she was so close to me in the image in my head. My client said. “Yes. It was in July of this year.

I told this soul there is more and more love as she ascends into the world of Spirit. She was very open to receive this. And I told my client, she made the choice and now she is finding out what she needs and it is something she never knew before; this unconditional love…this feeling of being full of love. She was enjoying the love. She couldn’t get enough of the love I was sending. She kept sucking in more and more love from me and I told her that was okay.

I told my client to continue sending love to her aunt. We can always send love through the ethers, through the realms of Spirit. Souls in the non-physical world can still receive and feel love.